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Titans vs Jaguars: Win or Lose You're Coming Home A Winner


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We became solid in 2019, but have trended towards trash each year since.

The team's insistence on the running game being the priority is holding the team back beyond just play-calling. It's hurting us with roster building.



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12 hours ago, Mesa_Titan said:


Could be a big boost to a secondary who struggled down the stretch in the first game.

We obviously are going to be also missing quite a few guys we had in the first matchup.

We don't totally know what we will get from Dobbs, but it is most important we just don't turn it over.

Just watched the ALL22 of that first matchup. As ugly as it was, we did some nice things in that game and give me hope we can definitely get a win here. 3 self induced turnovers in the first half usually never results in success. Even then we were only down a touchdown. The Jags defense can be exposed. 

Defensively we have to get to and hit sunshine. Didn't get one sack in the first meeting. Hopefully a healthier Autry and Simmons help that, along with help on the back end.

Lets go baby, I want a win. Took a four day weekend for wild card and I want to book a trip to Nashville!

TITAN THE EF UP! Playoffs start now!

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The beauty of this game is when we kick off, if we are playing well and beat the Jags we will all be happy and have one more week of football...if we do like the last 6 weeks and look like hot garbage we will all be excited to have a possible top 10 pick. 

I hope we win, because the up side to losing is getting a higher pick, to hopefully improve and win the division and host a playoff game...if we win we will host a playoff game and be South Champs!!

As we sit I think the Jags are a better team and have a clearer vision of who they are on offense, so I think we likely lose something like 22-12. Hope I am wrong!!

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3 minutes ago, Daniel said:

A shocking turn of events, no?

Just numb to it at this point. I cant even imagine us being healthy in any way, shape or form. I wish we could get some player insight at this point. Like guys who left maybe speaking on our training/recovery practices. 

Byard feels like the only guy who doesn't get injured.

Obviously Derrick had his injury last year, but besides that has been always available.

Simmons is mostly always available.


Could dudes not be working hard enough on their own?

Is it just tremendously bad luck?

Idk. These last two years have ravaged us.


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