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Week 18 GDT LA Chargers @ Denver Broncos 2:25 MTN


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Yeah I’m ready to put this season to bed and enjoy another HC search.

You know Mike was here for 15 years and since 2010, including interims, we have 9 different HCs - Mac, Studesville, Fox, JDR, Kubiak, Vance, Vic, Hackett and Rosburg. Put another way, in 12 seasons we’ve had 3-times as many HCs as the Steelers have had in their entire existence. 

Anyway, the Chargers have their playoff spot locked up so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Staley play it safe and vanilla, giving us a chance. I think we just have too many injuries to overcome, however, and the Chargers want to go into the postseason on a positive note so they pull off a close one. 

Charges 23, Broncos 20

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7 hours ago, Zukhyubern said:

I do think this game will be competitive and WE WILL WIN 


I think it’s more than likely - because if BAL loses to CIN then the Chargers are locked into the 5 seed.  No need to play anyone except Joey Bosa on a pitch count to get into game shape - every other major starter likely to sit most or all of the game. 

I was going to take us a dog to win - but now we’re actually favored to win.  Given it’s Chase Daniel & the backups as a very real possibility.   

I think even if the Chargers played their guys we’d be competitive in another 1-score game.   But with their backups we should be favored at home.   This game is a final audition for at least 1/3 of the guys on whether they return as starters or return at all (whole season obv matters but last chance to make a lasting impression).   Should be very telling.  

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Well, it's 17-17 at halftime, and Chargers HC Staley decided to keep his starters in the entire 1H.  Which has backfired as Mike Williams and Joey Bosa suffered injuries late in the 2Q (Bosa is somewhat more understandable, because he just returned last week after missing almost the entire season - needs to get into game shape).

Our DL lack of depth, cover ILB, and the CB's against Allen with K'Waun Williams out (along with Mathis pre-game), no surprise.    It shows how much DL depth and cover ILB are a priority this offseason.   We'll get K'waun Williams and Mathis back, and adding a 4th CB depth wise is very do-able.  So nothing I see in the 1H worries me there.   It was nice to see Baron Browning flash again, too.   

With the Chargers playing their starters on D - not surprisingly, our pass game suffered until the very last 3 plays.    Our OL just stinks (yes, no Anderson either today, I get it, but we still stink).   And Russ missed a couple of clear reads early.   But moving him outside the pocket, and naturally he looks a lot better.     And again, while he only got the ball 2x, we see why Jeudy has become our biggest threat - his move on Khalil Mack to get the 1st down on the run, turned a 6 yard loss into a 13 yard run, and he toasted another CB getting open with Wilson finally making the connection.   Sutton's become the big body possession guy, nothing wrong with that, but he's going to struggle with good pass D's like LAC has.      Finally, my ONE real objection - there is just no way Chase Edmonds should be getting 5+ carries a half and Lat Murray sitting on the sideline.   Edmonds is a real threat in space but has ZERO inside running ability.  Those were wasted downs.   Outten gets a F there.  

For the 2H, I would hope we see Lat Murray get 10+ carries, and Jeudy get 5+ targets.   It's not rocket science, ppl.    Other than that - just no serious injuries to our core guys, please.


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5 minutes ago, paul-mac said:

Remember when everyone wanted to trade Jeudy? He’s our best WR 

That was lunacy the people saying trade him for a 2nd. He certainly has some  character question marks, but you can't deny his talent and ability to maneuver the field like none of our other receivers can.

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