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*WILDCARD* Cowboys @ Bucs

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Well, it's that time to see if this team will play like they can in the playoffs. Washington held the Cowboys to 6 points today, so hopefully Bowles was taking notes.

Looks like it's gonna be MNF for us, gents. 😬😬😬

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It's hard to get excited because this team is not a real SB contender.  The team might make it thru this week, but any further would be shocking.

Actually more interested what happens in the offseason.  That's when the drama begins.

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playing Dallas coming off a loss is going to be tough. This bucs team has looked atrocious since week 2. So no I don't think we should win this game. 

However - I'm not sure Dallas is consistent enough to beat us and last week proved they are also prone to beating themselves. 

It's one of those we are not the better team - but we could win bc the other one commits stupid self inflicting errors to let their opponent in the game. 

That said - I think Dallas shows up and our offense continues to be inept. Bucs have been lucky to win late in games bc the opponent doesn't put the hammer down on us when they should. We saw it against SF - where they just went 120% all day and Brady and the offense just looked lost and tired. 

Dallas 24-13  

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I think there’s only one winner tonight, unfortunately.

Could be Lavonte’s last one as a Buc, or at least at Ray Jay. Same goes for a few other long serving Bucs, as well as Brady.

It could be the end of an era in a lot of ways. Hopefully this group has one more big performance in them.

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