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Justin Thomas, UDFA - DB/WR/ST

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I'm keeping an eye on DB Justin Thomas. He made the switch from QB to DB, but tried out as a WR with San Fran. Obviously he's not Terrelle Pryor, but I'm sure Pryor's success played into him being so eager to make the switch. 


"Of course, I would like to play quarterback, but at the same time, I'm a realist," Thomas said this week. "I didn't want to lessen my opportunities, so I was open to anything.

Thomas ran a 4.35 at his pro day. Right now he's fighting for a job at CB5 and as a returner against Kamara and Ginn.


While he was the starting quarterback at Georgia Tech the past three years, Thomas achieved some impressive accomplishments, including leading the Yellow Jackets to an Orange Bowl victory after the 2014 season. In that game, Thomas scored four touchdowns, passed for 125 yards, ran for 121 yards and earned MVP honors.

Looks like he played well on a big(ish) stage. He's a competitor. Something tells me he'll be stashed on the PS if not kept outright. I think he could be a Cadet guy out of the backfield too, but he looks more dangerous on the ground.

I wonder if this is why Cadet is all of the sudden rumored to be on his way out?

Emergency QB 3 isn't a bad idea either.  At least he has experience handing off. xD



Here's one of him fumbling, and our own Damian Swann returning the fumble 99 yards. 




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