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Wildcard Weekend GDT Dolphins @ Bills: Squish the Fish again!


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And I don't know who Elam pissed off to end up riding the bench but if he DOESN'T start every game the rest of the way then Leslie also needs to go, the kid is so obviously and transparently better than Dane. It's stupid it took so long, and an injury, for him to finally play.

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Josh really only had the one egregious mistake (the fumble) the other two plays aren't on him, Brown ran the wrong route and Beasley well, he just sucks lol. But this team desperately needs to not come close to playing that mentally sloppy again or we're not going to go any farther, and changes are going to have to be made.

Pulling for the Ravens here. They have a legit defense but that offense, just not good.

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Such a sloppy F'ing game lol. I typically only watch the games with my wife at home where it's quiet, but my friends hosted a football viewing party yesterday and I thought "well this shouldn't be that stressful of a game, I don't mind watching it at a loud party with a bunch of non bills fans". Long story short, I did not enjoy myself lol and was not the day I was thinking it would be.

That said, the playoffs are all about surviving and advancing. I thought Allen played a pretty good game but the optics don't show that because of the wrong John Brown route, Beasley INT and the strip sack. 

Dorsey's play calling is head scratching at times. It seems like he loves the deep ball but after the 1st quarter, we really didn't go back to Diggs at all.

Positives: Playoff Gabe is back, Allen's arm looks fine, Shakir looking promising, the LB play of Milano/Edmunds, Elam needs to be CB#2, Tre White looked alot better, Knox is playing like the guy we paid.

Cons: sloppy turnovers that have plagued us for the better part of the 2nd half of the season, OL play seemed shaky, zero pass rush outside of Milano or Taron Johnson when we bring the heat, Dane Jackson shouldn't be starting, our secondary seems to give up such easy completions (couple 3rd and longs the Dolphins easily got).


I still like our chances vs the Bengals next week who really should've lost last night if they don't get that lucky goaline fumble from Huntley for a TD. Not to mention their OL is going to be severely banged up so maybe that could help our lack of pass rush recently. 

We had 425 total yards on offense yesterday and 34 points.. if we can cut down the turnovers I think we advance to the AFC CG. 

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