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Titans Fire Todd Downing and Keith Carter


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it's so funny how much of a relief the combination of firing downing and carter and vrabel's comments on needing to get faster and protect the QB are. like, it's all total common sense stuff, but it really didn't feel like a given lol. and for all i know we'll just turn around and promote tim kelly, but i am feeling a glimmer of hope that we are actually going to change the way we approach offense. not that we'll ever come out and run a spread or whatever, but i'm really hoping we see something more dynamic moving forward.

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15 minutes ago, titans0021 said:

Part of me feels bad for celebrating another man’s downfall. But here I am, celebrating another man’s downfall.


I'll just say I have no I'll for the person. Hope he and is family are safe and it adds some closure and peace to his life. Sure it's been hell. No man enjoys waking up every morning with tens of thousands of people hoping you lose your job. 

With that said he wasn't good at his job. He failed in a results business. He oversaw one of the worst offenses in the league and the worst in franchise history. 

When that happens you lose your job. maybe he lands somewhere as a TE coach after he readjusts. 

But I'm glad he isn't the OC for our team. He had his shot which is what a lot of us could only dream of. 

Personally I don't think any man is more criticized than a teams OC. I'd never want that spot lol. 

Here's to hopefully a new guy leading us to the promise land. 

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11 minutes ago, 615finest said:

Can we steal Munchak from the Steelers? Give him whatever salary he wants lol

Munch isn't coaching anymore I think. Last I remember he was in Denver with Kubiak and left when he did. 

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