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Playoff Bye Week Discussion: Looking down from our Ivory Tower at these Pleabs tussling for our Entertainment


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22 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Hopefully the Giants can knock off the Vikings tomorrow. I’d rather have that extra day of rest for the NFC Championship than the divisional round. 

Plus, I want to pay Thibodeaux back for that cheap **** on Foles where he was a friggin free rusher on the sack.



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2 minutes ago, Daimonas said:

TBH i think the the giants game will be closer than we expect. Getting healthier and they have a great HC.

I mean playoff games are usually competitive. The Bills just were in a nail biter against a 3rd string QB. The Chargers blew a 27-0 lead. Even that Niners Seahawks game was close before Geno fumbled and that game got blown open.

I'd still say I feel good about playing them.

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It's not about being overconfident because it's the Giants rather then Dallas or TB but now we get an extra 24-36 hrs to prep for the matchup as well. 

Not having to wait until midnight tomorrow to see the results.  Also means that Winner has to go to SF!!!

If Healthy, no setbacks I'll take my chances with NY.

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