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Draft Prospects Who Are Enigmas


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It is still early in the prospect evaluation process but every year there are players who are very enigmatic.  They have good tools but for whatever reason they don't seem to play up to their talent level.  Some DL prospects:

DT Mazi Smith:  He has always been a good DT but never really shown signs of being a real game-wrecker.  He is big, athletic and moves well for his size.  He showed well against the run but never really flashed any pass-rushing skills.  It seems like he could be a lot better than he has shown in college

DE/DT Mike Morris:  He had a good year in 2022 but didn't do too much the previous two years.  He has good size and length but isn't overly physical.  Can he continue his improvement in the NFL or was 2022 just a fluke?

CB Eli Ricks:  He was a high-profile transfer to Alabama.  He has all the physical skills you could ask for: very good height length and speed.  He didn't play well early in the year and got beat more than you would think.  He seemed to start looking like the player everyone was expecting in the latter part of the season.  He may still be a better athlete than football player at this point.

DT Gervon Dexter:  I mentioned him in another thread.  He is 6'6 and 310 and looks like he could easily carry more good weight.  He has good length, is already pretty strong and seems to have good movement skills.  He had some flashes but not the consistent dominance one might expect.  His 2021 DC got fired because the Florida Gator defense was getting pushed all over the field.  The thing is they brought in a new DC for 2022 and nothing got better anywhere on the Florida Gator defense so I kind of think coaching might have been a problem.  Is he a rotational DT or does he have the potential of Chiefs DT Chris Jones?  Their physical traits and scouting reports are surprisingly similar.  Even their stats are similar.  My early man-crush in a not-great DT class makes me think he is closer to Chris Jones.

Who are some other enigmas in this draft?

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