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TMNT Mafia - Footclan and Friends wins


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How we got here...

After losing their master, the turtles disappeared. In their absence The Footclan and Friends flourished. Establishing themselves as the judge, jury and executioners, there was no one who dared challenge any of their members. However somewhere deep in the sewers, a plot had begun to take back their city and get revenge on all of those that had a hand in Master Splinter's, aka @ET80 death. 

ET was Master Splinter, Ninja Turtle aligned.

Will the Ninja Turtles be able to take back what was once theirs? Will Footclan and Friends finally be rid of the turtles that have claimed so many soldiers over the years? What other forces out there look to overthrow the balance and stake their claims as champions? 

Find out next time on....


1. @TheKillerNacho
2. @Forge - Dead N2 - Hun, Footclan and Friends aligned
3. @The Orca
4. @Dome - Dead N4 - Michaelangelo, Ninja Turtle aligned
5. @bcb1213 - Modkilled Day 4 - Tatsu, Footclan and Friends aligned
6. @wolfeyestrk
7. @Pickle Rick - Dead N2 - Rahzar, Footclan and Friends aligned
8. @kingseanjohn - Dead N5 - Rocksteady, Footclan and Friends aligned
9. @Blue
10. @Daboyle - Dead N4 - Baxter Stockman, Footclan and Friends aligned
11. @Deadpulse - Dead N1 - Tokka, Footclan and Friends aligned
12. @gopherwrestler - Dead N3 - Shredder, Footclan and Friends aligned
13. @JoshstraDaymus - Dead N1 - [redacted], [redacted]
14. @Ragnarok - Lynched D4 - Casey Jones, Indy aligned
15. @Scoundrel - Dead N3 - Karai, Footclan and Friends aligned
16. @11sanchez11 replaced by @Deadpulse - Dead D5 - Leonardo, Ninja Turtle aligned 
17. @Whicker - Dead N6 - Bebop, Footclan and Friends aligned
18.  @MWil23 - Lynched D2 - Raphael, Ninja Turtle aligned


Please feel free to tag anyone. I'll fill out the rest when I'm off work. 

 @Malfatron @Whicker @gopherwrestler @Daboyle@Deadpulse@theuntouchable @SwAg @Outpost31@Hockey5djh@RandyMossIsBoss@Ragnarok @rackcs @Tk3 @Nazgul @Blue @Blahstoise @FGK@Wyld Stallyns @VikeManDan @FinneasGage @AFlaccoSeagulls@Xmad @bucsfan333@11sanchez11 @Raves

Some of my previous games:


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Please read to avoid modkill/punishment. 

1. I'm number 1.


2. Please do not directly quote from your role PMs. Paraphrasing is allowed.
3. Daytime will last 24 hours. Nightime will be 5pm Pacific Standard Time. (8pm EST) Votes timestamped 7:59 will count, votes timestamped 8:00 will not.
4. You must Bold someones name to vote for them.
5. Each night will last up to 60 minutes. You will have 30 minutes from the time I declare night to send in your moves. Any move sent after will be disregarded as a "no move." (Example for recent events. If I call night at 6PM, any move sent with a timestamp of 6:31 will be disregarded. Moves with an 6:30 timestamp are ok)
6. Please try to remain active, if you cannot for any reason, I will do my best to find a replacement.
7. Editing of posts is ALLOWED as long as the post does not contain a vote. I probably will not be lenient here.
8. Once you are dead, you are dead. Please refrain from posting game related info or liking posts, but a farewell is allowed. (And non-game related zombie posts) Anyone that wishes to join the dead chat may PM me requesting such.
9. Once night is called, you can remain posting anything you want to. However once I say that PMs are going out, please refrain from posting anything pertaining to their contents until I declare the start of the next day. 
10. If there is a tie at the end of the day for the lynch, there will be a 15 minute OT tie-break. The overtime vote starts with a clean slate. In the event a tie is not broken in OT, any players that remain tied will be lynched.
11. Most importantly, thank you for playing and have fun.


*Note* I'm a human. I make mistakes. If you have questions, feel free to ask in thread up until the game starts and once it starts via PM. I will answer anything I feel that won't give an advantage anywhere.

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Day 1 Begins:

Day 1 End:

Night 1 Results, Day 2 Begins:

Day 2 Ends:

Night 2 Results, Day 3 Begins:

Day 3 Ends:

Night 3 Results, Day 4 Begins:

Day 4 Ends:

Night 4 Results, Day 5 Begins:

Day 5 Ends:

Night 5 Results, Day 6 Begins:

Day 6 Ends:

Night 6 Results, Day 7 Begins:


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23 minutes ago, MWil23 said:

Thank you but I'm going to take a bit of a break from Mafia for about a month. This last game was awesome, but my energy is a bit spent for a while. Have a great time everyone!

Enjoy man. Nice win to ride off into the sunset on. 

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  • Slappy Mc changed the title to TMNT Mafia - Footclan and Friends wins

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