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Byron Leftwich has been fired- OFFICIAL


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51 minutes ago, indifference said:

Monken should be the #1 target

deploys 21 personnel like genius OC Kyle Shannahon very innovative mind and was a great WR coach here. if we dont hire him regardless of the QB i think we’re picking top 5. 

I like Monken a lot.  I'm just not sure why he would return to the team if Brady does not.  He literally could be one and done again because the team is giving him no one to work with at QB.  

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I see Pewter Report stating Monken is the top target - however I've seen in Chat 247 sports that other Coaching candidates have him in mind to fill their OC roles. 

With the Bucs possibly entertaining a delusional scenario to have Brady back next year - (who got Byron fired for poor execution and being old) - I can't see how this job is enticing. Bowles is going to enter 2023 on the hot seat as well and if he's pushing the notion that Brady will be the guy next year, well , LOL 

I think theres going to be a strong reality that Monken won't have any interest in coming to Tampa. If the Glazers really liked him and Licht liked him - they would've kept him when Koetter got canned. (power move like Jerry pulled with Kellen Moore). If Monken were to leave his cushy 2MM a year Georgia OC job - the situation has to be enticing to go back to the NFL. And honestly, I don't see the Bucs being that gig. If I'm Monken - why would I even leave Georgia? Probably a year away from taking over a College program as a head coach as well. 

Bill O'Brien - I can get on board with this however I think New England and him are already in talks. I don't see him staying in Tampa. He's apparently a north east states roots type of guy and leaving Penn State for Houston was tough for him to move there. 

With the Chargers job open (Herbert) along with Indy, Houston, and Denver - theres more young talent and QB options to work with. Houston will take a young QB - so will Indy and Carolina. Carolina has some strong talent collected over the last few years. A good QB and receiver added this offseason will probably put them at 9-10 wins and a division crown as they built both the OL and DL exceptionally well. 

Sorry to burst everyones' bubble but firing Leftwich when Bowles was technically hired as an Interim coach who enters this year as a Lame duck HC on the hot seat - will not attract candidates who can be in for a 1 and done season 

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23 hours ago, ravishingone said:

Amazing, Leftwich could have been the HC of the Jags, but thought he could leverage Adrian Wilson to be his GM.  Jags went Pedersen and are in the playoffs.  At best, I believe Leftwich might land as a QB coach somewhere.  What a remarkable fall.  

There are 7 OC jobs currently open - with more to come. I think theres a solid chance he lands an OC gig somewhere. Just bc Buc fans are too delusional too see Tom Brady's decline and being afraid to take a hit - doesn't mean another organization will see the same thing. 

While not even close to being ready to take on a HC gig (nor did I think he was when offered the Jags job) - I think he'll get another chance. He really hasn't gotten a fair shake - (Josh Rosen, no weapons and no OL in AZ as an interim) to Tom Brady being 45 and extremely declining this last year. 3 years of top offensive results vs. 1 bad (not sure I can count the AZ interim that was doomed from the start). 

Leftwich is still young and he will have to convey in interviews that he's learned his lessons from abandoning the run. I don't think he's an idiot. But this year was full of drama for him, that is for sure with the whole Tom Brady absence and poor execution. The Bucs were a better run team with Ronald Jones toting the rock. It makes me think bc he wasn't an effective receiver like Lenny was - that did him in. But Jones was the better and more phyiscal back that we missed on short yardage carries. 


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So OC jobs open - Chargers look the best. So the Bucs will not take a top candidate away from the Chargers. 

My guess is Obrien will be in New England. 

That said - If Payton goes to Denver - the OC will just be a title only gig. Not sure what I'm missing here but current OC openings are: 

- Tennessee

- Tampa 

- LA Chargers

- Indy (HC and OC)

- Carolina (HC and OC)

- New York Jets

- Washington 

- Arizona (HC and OC)

- Baltimore

- Houston (HC and OC)

- New England 

Potential Openings: 

- Pittsburgh (not sure if the announcement of Canada is official now that Leftwich is gone from Tampa officially. I put it at 10% that the steelers change their mind on Canada but its an option 

- Philadelpha, NYG, KC : Two teams that can lose OC's to Head Coaching Gigs. Although KC would be more of a title only job. 

- Denver (if they can't land Payton). 

Of the open Jobs, I see the Bucs being near the bottom of attraction. Bowles being an interim (basically) and heading into 2023 on the HOTTEST Seat - may not convince guys like Monken, Reich, Obrien, Roman, or other young upcoming prospects. If Philly loses Steicham - who reportedly is the hot favorite to go to Carolina - he might take Day with him or he'll get promoted internally in Philly. 

Reich has ties to Doug Pederson, Nick Sarrani, and the Chargers. The Chargers have the best QB of the bunch. I say he's going to Philly or LAC. 

Obrien is in talks with New England and reportedly is the favorite there. Stable organization and Bellichik will has job security and retire on his own dime. Working Relationships in New England. 

Houston, Indy, and Carolina will have new Head coaches - new regime will have a better outlook on Job security for 2 years and most likely building with a young first round pick this upcoming year. 

Then theres Baltimore, New york Jets, Tampa, Washington, and Tennessee. All 4 with QB chaos. Baltimore will be attractive. Strong roster and foundation. Harbaugh finds a way to win regardless of the situation. I'd rank them ahead of Tampa in most attractive jobs. 

Tennessee while lacking talent and question marks with Tannehill - Vrabel is most likely secure as they'll likely rebuild with a new GM. I think they'll make some moves but I don't see Vrabel on the hot seat considering injuries derailed a 7-2 start to the season (including losing your QB and still almost won against Jax). 

I think Washington, Tampa, and New York are the toughest jobs for OC candidates this offseason. All 3 HC's will enter on the hotseat. Washington is a mess with the whole ownership scandel and being potentially up for sale soon so I rate that as the worst job. The Jets atleast have caproom to work with to make a move for a QB (even Derrick Carr would take that current roster to the post season) with options like Garoppolo, Carr likely to be available. Tampa is probably the second worst job on the market considering only Kyle Trash is on the roster and they have no draft assets nor position to draft one of the top 2-3 QB's in the draft nor sign someone that might be promising/average starter. 



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Bowles had a hunch that the Bucs weren’t going to out-talent the league anymore on offense this season. He asked Leftwich and his offensive coaches – all of whom were Arians disciples and had tunnel vision on his playbook – to broaden their horizons during the offseason in the spring and summer. Watch some college football tape and get innovative. Bring some borrowed ideas, fresh concepts and new plays to supplement the aging Arians playbook

So Maybe - if this is true -gives me a bit more confidence that Bowles understands where the game is heading. My opinion still stands that Brady was part of the problem and I've been on record stating I didn't care if Byron stayed or was Fired - but this gives indication that if Byron challenged the staff to adapt to broaden the scheme from the BA outdated system - ultimately was going to lead to Leftwich being fired. 

SR's Fab 5: Inside The Bucs' Change At Offensive Coordinator (pewterreport.com)

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