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2023 - TCMD League Office - OPEN FOR BUSINESS


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  • 3 weeks later...

Make sure that any transactions you perform in the workbook, that you post in this thread, League Office.  

For example, 

New York Giants release the following players:

0690 - Davis Webb - QB

Note:  When posting any transactions, please post exactly as it is done in the example.  If not, it makes it very difficult to look up.



We can now start posting CUTS only in the league office.

We officially start this mock on Tuesday and our first deadline is Phase 1.

Phase 1

  • Exclusive Rights Free Agent - ERFA Designation Deadline - Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 6pm

  • Restricted Free Agent - RFA Tender Designation Deadline -  Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 6pm

  • Franchise/Transition Tag Deadlines -  Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 6pm

If you have any questions please post and tag me in the "discussion thread", currently titled "Total Control Mock Draft 2023 - Sign Ups - Start date TBD".  When @Deadpulse gets back he'll rename it.  

A few changes were made to the APY values in the free agency, so be sure to check that out.  I'm also working on new restructure allotment values.  if you'd like to be part of that discussion, check it out here.  Basically, looking to increase these values by an average of 8m.  


Team GM Tags

Arizona Cardinals - @LuckyNumber11
Atlanta Falcons - @ovfd55
Baltimore Ravens - @Justone2
Buffalo Bills -
@downundermike & @Iggles25
Carolina Panthers - @MikeT14
Chicago Bears - @squire12
Cincinnati Bengals - @sparky151
Cleveland Browns - @cortes02
Dallas Cowboys - 
Denver Broncos - 
Detroit Lions - @winitall
Green Bay Packers -
Houston Texans - @jch1911
Indianapolis Colts - @RTTRUTH
Jacksonville Jaguars - @Trojan
Kansas City Chiefs - @RedGold
Las Vegas Raiders - @NYRaider & @Humble_Beast
Los Angeles Chargers - @whodatOL
Los Angeles Rams - @Freebirdsrams
Miami Dolphins - @mountainpd
Minnesota Vikings - @KingOfNewYork
New England Patriots - 
New Orleans Saints - @whodatOL
New York Giants - @ny92mike
New York Jets - @bcb1213
Philadelphia Eagles - @EaglesPeteC
Pittsburgh Steelers - @Cbrunn
San Francisco 49ers - @Forge
Seattle Seahawks - @DTMW78
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - @BucsDraftGeek47
Tennessee Titans - @Daniel & @SerenityNow
Washington Commanders - @MKnight82

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K 2318 - Takkarist McKinley - EDGE
L 0139 - Anthony Rush - IDL
M 1724 - Malik Jefferson - LB
N 1712 - Mackensie Alexander - CB
N 2596 - Xavier Rhodes - CB

1542 - Kendall Sheffield - CB

Cowboys automatically release them due to invalided salaries in TCMD.

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Overlooked one player. Now 6 in total
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52 minutes ago, LuckyNumber11 said:

The Arizona Cardinals Release:

2140 - Robbie Anderson - WR

June First release designation for:

0737 - Dennis Gardeck - Edge


Also as a reminder 1062 JJ Watt has retired

Had to share

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'C ★*** CARDINALS JJ Watt @JJWatt was unaware there was paperwork... Definitely not gonna fill that out, but definitely retired. ppoão Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter Tom Brady officially filed letter today with the NFL and NFLPA, reconfirming Feb. retirement, per sources. This letter silences any questions about whether Brady might return and now makes him eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2028.'

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