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PLAYOFFS | NFC Championship | 🦅 Eagles vs the Niners ⛏️ (!!!!!NFC Champs!!!!!)


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Just now, Eagles $5$ said:

There was a lot of 49ers fan up in here before the game last week... I don't see any of them.

Wouldn't expect them to come here take it like a man... not from that fan base

iirc they were pretty respectful lmao 

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Just now, ninjapirate said:

Yeah has to be rough to lose both your qbs and watch your team just struggle like that.

My best friend's dad who is a massive 9ers fan just called to congratulate me on being able to watch the eagles in the sb. Dude sounded like he was on the verge of tears and i dont blame him one bit.

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3 minutes ago, Daimonas said:

iirc they were pretty respectful lmao 

Nah I live in a place where there is only Cowboys and 49ers fans, and let me tell you they are pretty bad. 

I take Cowboys fans over 49ers fans any day of the week.

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14 minutes ago, Danger said:

Should be wearing the Green Jersey's in the Super Bowl I believe. Which is good for us since we wore them last time too.

Should be yeah,

Eagles get the choice…can’t imagine they go white or bother asking the league to go blackout

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