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2023 - Total Control Mock Draft MEDIA Outlets


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  1. Team Name? Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Are you a fan favorite of the team you are managing? No
  3. How many years have you been participating in this mock draft? I think 2015, my dad was terminally ill and I remember doing this mock spending time with him.
    1. If this is your first year, what do you think of it?
  4. Are you operating the team solo, with a coGM or as a community in your respected team forum? Solo
    1. How's it working out?
  5. What are your interests outside of football? I have a son I watch all the time, so I spend all my time with him. I do this forum in my little breaks during naps or going down to sleep.
  6. Which transaction did you make that you were most excited about for your team? The Jaguars contracts are disgusting and there are so few options on which way to go. All FA so far have been budget plays.
  7. If you traded or released any fan favorite or big name talent, who and what was the reasoning behind it? Money
  8. In your opinion, what was the best transaction your team made this offseason? Hopefully I do well enough in the draft, no one has offered even a future 7th for a anyone on my trade block or player on my roster that would be cap positive to move. I guess bringing Minshew back as backup for cheap is current "best" move?
  9. In your opinion, who was "the one player that got away" from you in Free Agency, either by failing to make an offer early enough or simply being outbid by another team? Adrian Amos or Deshon Elliott this round in FA. I release my safety when I saw I was the only bid on each, once released both players got like 3 bids and I moved off. :(
  10. What were your offseason team goals heading into this mock draft?  Were you able to achieve those goals?  Make a functional roster with so little potential moves cap wise.
  11. Which transaction are you been most proud of? Hopefully this happens in the draft.
  12. What positions in this years draft do you feel is deep with talent? Cornerback
  13. Which is it?....Black Silk, Blonde, Brunette or the cherished Redhead. What? Are these horses? Ahkal Teke.
  14. Which team do you feel is killing it so far in this mock? I'm going to evaluate mostly off the draft relative to their FA, but I guess Raiders so far.
  15. Which team do you think has improved the most and why? 100% draft relevant to me. Can't judge just based off FA moves. I think the Texans got Jimmy G and some others and probably is most improved?
  16. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? I like my life right now. I think I'd pass on superpowers and the guilt or responsibility of are you doing enough with your gift I guess.
  17. Sometimes talent is overlooked and acquired at bargain prices.  In your opinion, what was the best value move in FA? I don't think it's been made yet. As cap spaces dwindle the remaining overpriced great players will sign at real bargain levels.
  18. Which player are you most disappointed in not being able to sign or resign? Either Adrian Amos or Deshon Elliott just because I cut my S to sign one of them. I might address in draft or FA and just not care about missing the opportunity to sign though.
  19. What team do you think has had the worst offseason?  Whether it was caused from overspending in the open market, poor trading, lack of activity? Dallas with 0 signings I'd think.
  20. Do you feel that the number of players being signed in FA is adequate?  If not, more or less. Yeah works for me. I think it's pretty perfect for making strategies.
  21. Any suggestion on what you think would enhance how the free agency is structured in this mock? Only thing I can think of is maybe a pre-round 1 legal tamper where we lock in one bid per team and leak randomly some info? Would need to think about it. I like it as is.
  22. With the exception of player APY values this year, as I'll have that corrected for the next mock, what would you change about this mock draft that you believe would make it a better experience? The high asking price of some positions doesn't bother me. It's just they are more likely to be targeted in later rounds. It's part of why I released an IDL for cap instead of other positions, so they likely remained on board until I felt like I could make an offer that was "good".
  23. Would you be interested in participating again next season? Yes.
  24. How am I doing managing this years mock draft? You always do great.
  25. Any interest in joining a "keeper league" mock draft that uses a stat based simulation to project the season standings? Probably, I do my own team in this board and like it.
    1. Also, looking for help in managing this project, if interested please message me.


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