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CW21's Green Bay Packers Mock Offseason v2023.01


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23 hours ago, CWood21 said:

How many teams currently picking inside the top 14 are an Aaron Rodgers away from winning a Super Bowl?  These teams are picking top 14 for a reason, and QB play isn't the only reason.  If I'm a team looking to acquire Aaron Rodgers, I'm looking to maximize that 2-3 year window with Rodgers.  If my choice is a top 14 pick or 2 future FRPs, I'd keep that top 14 pick pretty easily.

That makes sense, but there are a few GMs out there that are desperate to make a splash, be a playoff contender, and sell some tickets and jerseys. 

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On 2/4/2023 at 5:50 AM, CWood21 said:

Assuming OTC is correct, that would put Aaron Jones with a $19.7M cap hit in 2024 with $10.5M in dead money if they were to release him.  It might be higher since it's not calculating him being released after the 2023 season.  Either way, I don't see a scenario in which Aaron Jones isn't a Packer in 2023.  And based on Gute's comments, it seems pretty clear they expect him back.

And going WR wasn't necessarily by design.  I think the Packers legitimately want to make sure Jordan Love succeeds much like they did with Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers became the starter in 2008, and they took James Jones in 2007 in the 3rd round, Jordy Nelson in 2008 in the 2nd round, and Randall Cobb in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft.

I think you are right and they will bring Jones back.

I also think its a mistake and poor roster management. Unless they think a title is realistic of course. 

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