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PLAYOFFS | Super Bowl LVII | 🦅 Eagles vs the Chiefs ➡️: Going for Ring #2 in the Kelce/Andy Bowl



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  1. 1. What’s the outcome

    • Eagles by a mil +17
    • Eagles up two scores +10
    • Late TD seals it +7
    • Ellmatic with the ice in his veins +3
    • Anything else (you will be shunned)
  2. 2. Who’s the Eagles MVP

    • Jalen Hurts
    • The Batmen / Wideouts
    • The Oline
    • Hassan Reddick
    • Slay & JB
    • Sirianni & the Offensive Coaches
    • Gannon shutting down the Kingdom

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Well damn, we made it back to the Super Bowl and it only took 5 years.


After looking like the best team all year, the eagles erased all ideas they weren’t still THAT team with two railroading performances.

Now according to “stats” they are the only Super Bowl team to beat bad teams in a season, we shall see if that invalidates the Super Bowl win too. ¿¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

Tons of ties between the franchises, Chiefs are littered with Ex-Eagles’ coaches. Sirianni got his start in KC.

Lots of ways you can talk about this game

The One Seeds…

Best roster vs best player…



Regardless of how you frame it, these are two of the league’s best run franchises over the last decade. Now getting another shot to add a trophy in their golden eras.

For Mahomes, it’s continuing a legacy.
For Andy, it’s cementing him higher amongst the pantheon of great coaches.

On the flip side…


For Hurts, it’s the exclamation point on the beginning of MVP level play for him and movie like end of his crazy journey up until this point.
For Sirianni, it’s the chance at a giant leap in respect as he wins a championship in year two.

Two guys that really seem to get the city and fanbase tremendously, join the core guys like Kelce and Cox who were part of the first Super Bowl.

Two big passionate fanbases will descend upon the desert, hoping for ring two in the last 5 years. Hopefully our Arizona posters can have some fun the next two weeks in person + anyone else going out there.

Gonna be a good one, see you all February 12th.


Eagles by a mil


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3 minutes ago, EaglesFlySBChampsHigh said:

Why? I know Vegas has us as the getting favorite but I feel like the public will still sh** all over us these next two weeks. Mahomes this n that and he's the gawddd we'll have to hear over and over.

By game time everyone outside of our fan base will be on their side

its the super bowl you can't look past the opponent to the next one.


Thats the joke.

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