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PLAYOFFS | Super Bowl LVII | 🦅 Eagles vs the Chiefs ➡️: Going for Ring #2 in the Kelce/Andy Bowl



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  1. 1. What’s the outcome

    • Eagles by a mil +17
    • Eagles up two scores +10
    • Late TD seals it +7
    • Ellmatic with the ice in his veins +3
    • Anything else (you will be shunned)
  2. 2. Who’s the Eagles MVP

    • Jalen Hurts
    • The Batmen / Wideouts
    • The Oline
    • Hassan Reddick
    • Slay & JB
    • Sirianni & the Offensive Coaches
    • Gannon shutting down the Kingdom

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3 hours ago, Broadway Joe said:

He hasn't looked so good since coming back from injury. I'm very concern about that and how it will impact on gameday. 

It's the thing that might have the biggest impact negatively for us. 

I totally agree. 

For his and our sake I hope we hit a deep pass early to make them (KC) think it's a non issue and we can keep the offense wide open

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2 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Kern is PFF’s 2nd worst graded punter and Siposs is 4th worst. Let’s not get carried away. Hopefully whoever suits up has a good performance, but the less I hear of either name… the better.

It was a joke but I rather have siposs regardless of their pff. Pff isn't that great we certain things. I use the eye test when it comes to positions like punter/kicker especially

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