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Texans hire former 49ers DC/former Texans Team Captain DeMeco Ryans to be its 6th Head Coach


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8 minutes ago, lumberjackchris said:

A couple of request already filed for OC and DC positions 




Let’s go ahead and keep all chat to this new staff in the Ryans thread - when a hire is made, we can create new threads to discuss.


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We really need to hit a home run on our OC. 

also I wonder if the DC is just gonna be an assistant to Ryans or is Ryan’s gonna allow them to actually call the defense. 

lets gets Jimmy G and have open competition between him and Mills for the starting QB job. Let’s rebuild our defense at the top of the draft. We hired a defensive minded coach, let’s let him rebuild it. Two big draft picks and 2 big free agents and let’s roll. 

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38 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

also I wonder if the DC is just gonna be an assistant to Ryans or is Ryan’s gonna allow them to actually call the defense.

I hope he doesn’t - he’s the HC, he can’t just offload an entire side of the ball to someone. He’s got to understand it all and make decisions on this.

38 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

lets gets Jimmy G and have open competition between him and Mills for the starting QB job.

Not a fan - mostly because Jimmy G can’t stay healthy and Mills is a very poor QB.

If Jimmy G is your guy (not completely opposed to this) you have to have a better backup than Davis Mills. I’m game for splitting the picks - draft Will Anderson at 2 and whatever QB remains at 12 (or possibly trading up from 12 to the 6-8 range to grab Richardson). 

Leaving any sort of avenue for Davis Mills throwing passes in the Regular Season is a recipe for disaster. He should be prepping for his eventual transition to coaching at some level, because he’s not a good football player.

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Maybe I am riding high on finally getting something right around here, but is it crazy to think we could see a huge turn around this season?

last year we had totally incompetent coaching and QB play, and we werent "that" bad. 

Think about the season we had

We could have easily started the season 4-1. a tie to the colts when we were up 20-3 in the 4th quarter. a 7 point and 3 point loss to the broncos and bears in weeks 2 and 3. We could have easily been 4-1 with just a little better coaching and QB play. Then to finish the season, it was like crazy tanking fate stuff as we were playing 2 different QBs and had some of our better players hurt and we still have a back to back against the Cowboys and Chiefs where we nearly beat them both. That alone puts us an 8-9 season. Add in 1 score loses to Tennessee and New York and the season could have been very different. 

Remember 9-8 won the division and the Jags made the 2nd round. its not crazy to think we could be a 7 to 9 win team next year. Our schedule will not be super hard. Our NFC draws are the Falcons, Bucs, Cards, and Saints, which might be the worth division in football, compared with ours. We play the titans and colts for a combined 4 games. we get to play Denver and the Jets in the last place games. We do have to pair with the Browns, Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals division which sucks. But there is wiggle room in the schedule for a 7, 8, or even 9 win season. 

Looking at the roster, and is it really that bad?

on offense, we are set at RB, We have a solid offensive line, if cooks is motivated by the hire, we have some solid WRs. We have some young TEs. This offense is a QB away from being middle of the road.

on defense, we need some help for sure. I am convinced that if we brought the same defense back, Ryans would get more out of them. I could see us spending some big money to bring in a guy in the secondary and a linebacker. 

Bottom line, 7 wins is not crazy for next year....and if thats not crazy then 9 isnt insane. 10 would be a stretch. 

It will all come down to QB. If we draft Stroud or Young and they can be 4,000 yard ROY type guys, then watch out for us. 

We could be on the move with two 1sts next year on the way. 

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