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Arian Foster says the NFL is scripted


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6 hours ago, Xmad said:

All sports are rigged to an extent, depends on who has money where. Usually it's not enough to influence the outcome of the game since the NFL usually threatens the refs families with forcing their kids/grandkids to play football in college and dooming them to an eternal life of being "I could've been great if I didn't take a football to the knee"

Arian is that you?

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How come the NFL is only rigged when its the losing team?

IF the NFL is rigged then the winning teams and players shouldnt be celebrated so greatly. At least if we are going to talk about wrestling, the wrestlers put each other over. The Rock could come back for a Wrestlemania match against Roman Reigns wanting to put Roman over to make him even bigger. John Cena would come back for Wrestlemania to put Austin Theory over to make him even bigger. A wrestler wouldnt mind losing in 3 seconds in order to make the other wrestler look stronger.

Thats not the case in the NFL. Brady isnt willingly losing to a bad team who have won 3 straight against other bad teams so people can start believing in them. All Brady would do is go out there and hang 50 on that bad team to show that when you step up in competition you cant hang. So no the NFL isnt rigged.

And again I say, how come the NFL or sports in general is rigged when its only the losing team? Stop being a sore loser and learn how to win games you had a legit shot to win. Its that simple.

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12 hours ago, lancerman said:

Two towers in New York go down, better have the Boston team start winning championships non stop. 

Should’ve had Brady turn heel and side with Bin Laden. Would have been the stuff of legends.

If the NFL is fixed, the writers are terrible. 

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Wonder why he said all of this?


"In February 2021, Foster and PFT Commenter launched a podcast for Barstool Sports. Their podcast, Macrodosing, discusses conspiracy theories and cover-ups, and elements such as the deep web."



Their "podcast" was clearly tanking so why not come out with some more "conspiracy theories".....  Foster's stage name is Bobby Feeno though...  he should go hang out with Antonio Brown.


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I know it's a joke but I don't think NFL will be happy seeing clips like this. Lot of people who don't bother seeing the actual clip will just see the content in the tweet and think a former player is seriously saying that it is rigged

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10 hours ago, incognito_man said:

At least 2000 people have

This is what makes it unbelievable. 

I've dealt with a few NFL guys in the past. No way I'm buying even half of these guys being able to read and memorize a script that goes on for the better part of 6 months. 

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