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6 hours ago, AZBearsFan said:

I just found out today that Kyu Blu Kelly is the son of former Bucs CB Brian Kelly. Was always a big fan of his dad. Kelly intrigues me as a R3ish possibility at corner. 

Talented no doubt…interested to see what he runs.

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9 hours ago, Ty21 said:

So yeah the east west shrine game was an actual waste of time 


3 hours ago, Madmike90 said:

It was up there with the worst games I have ever seen hahaha.

Wow I literally just came here to ask if anyone had a link to the game / a copy of the game 😂

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1 hour ago, Sugashane said:

Did anyone stand out? Or was it just they didnt look as sh***y as the bulk of them did?

I had to watch on YouTube with a massive screen obstructing watermark since it wasn’t streaming anywhere so I bailed after the game was stalled out for the first quarter but it never got better. If you can scout players based on what was offered in that game though you’re a guru. 

senior bowl is already looking 10x better 

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I wanted to watch the shrine game strictly to watch Zay Flowers but it doesn’t appear as though he even played. And the highlight of the senior bowl was going to be watching Rashee Rice but it doesn’t look like he’s in either 

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My initial reads are gonna be skin deep because I had to watch on my damn phone. But here goes. 


•MVP Jake Haener, even though he said “man” like 37 times in his post game interview. Wasn’t extremely impressive, his long pass was weak but Wilson bailed him out on it. Had several decent placed passes. Undersized qb but idk what that means in the nfl anymore. Figure he’s a late round guy if anything. 
•Chase Brown didn’t blow up the stat page but showed good lateral quickness and burst. Good vision.

•Evan Hull should theoretically be viewed as a winner but he seems pretty stiff and brick-like. Was prolific in college in the receiving game as well, so maybe good for short yardage or red zone offense. 
•Tyjae Spears being in the winners is kinda a stretch statistically since he didn’t do much in the actual game, but he showed out in practice. Just wasn’t given any opportunities in the game. I figure this last month or so has rocketed his draft value. 
•Michael Wilson had a good game. The few plays I keyed on him, he showed good route running, quickness and concentration. I think they said he had one of the higher drop rates at 11%, so that’s something to watch out for. 
•Jalen Wayne, relative of Reggie Wayne, had a Reggie Wayne-ish game in regards to targets but not talent. He consistently caught quick routes for short yardage but didn’t flash any substantial ability in…really anything. His biggest win here is not ****ing up. 

•Payne Durham, Josh Whyle, and Will Mallory had decent games. Durham had a good catch he looked in that was nearly a td. Whyle only had one catch but found and settled into a soft zone for an easy gain. And Mallory was prolific without shown excess athleticism. 


•it’s hard to call Cunningham, Bagent, or Duggan losers because their draft stock probably didn’t change a whole lot from the game, but none had particularly great games. Bagent doesn’t have nfl talent, Duggan just didn’t look good at all, and Cunningham looks like he’s looking to run on every pass play first. All three sucked at times at staying on their feet and taking snaps. Fields’ danger is that he’s genuinely wanting to throw first and when things break down, he’s at his most dangerous. 
•Camerun Peoples. He kinda redeemed himself with that powerful smashing 15 yard run up the middle but I feel like the consecutive drops he had will hurt his cause more than anything. 
•Johnathan Mingo had a couple opportunities he let go. One in particular was a throw to the endzone he dropped after mistiming his jump and making a lackadaisical attempt at the ball. Something that can obviously be helped more when you can be more in sync with your qb but I wasn’t blown away really by him. 

Personal bias:

I went in not liking Ronnie Bell or Cameron Latu. Bell had a good play with a decent route and had awareness to get oob when he needed to. Latu had a couple catches, a couple missed plays. 


In limited attention, Bergeron and Mauch were the winners of OL today. Bergeron regularly showed quick feet and ability as a pass blocker. Mauch played everywhere. I particularly liked his quote about not planning on getting his teeth fixed until he’s in the nfl. That’s an all time quote. 


Separate category cause I don’t really scout defense but also it’s harder than offense to scout when watching on your phone lol. 
•More DL probably showed out than I noticed, but I did like Keeanu Benton in what I saw. Good power and burst in the few plays he got in the backfield. 
•Heard Tyrique Stevenson and Jakorian Bennett’s name the most, probably. Kyu Blu Kelly got absolutely embarrassed a couple times on routes. Sydney Brown and Jammie Robinson absolutely laid the wood a couple times. 

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