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Brownie Man's 2023 Realistic Full Mock Offseason - Tell Me What You Think!

brownie man

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Browns mock offseason - I wanted to take my time to do this one. I probably won't make another on till the draft so I want to try and get this right. It is an ideal realistic scenario. Right now its early, but I've seen a lot of mocks where these players are drafted in these area. Getting my expected player slot area for the picks is a mashup of CBS, Drafttek, PFF, etc...


Free Agency Cuts-  the main guys 

Clowney - Bad Attitude. Shame because I think he could really have his best pass rushing season in this new wide 9. 

Hunt - I'm glad I got to see you play for us. Go get us a comp pick 

Brissett - Go get a starting spot you earned it. 

Walker ( potential resign later) - We'll be in conversations while you rehab correctly. Take your time we'll take you back if you get right later. 

Hubbard - Thanks? 

Greedy - You can compete for a starting spot somewhere. 

Ronnie - Gotta keep your composure man. He had his moments. 

D’Ernest - I think you could start somewhere. Maybe its just one team, but you've deff earned at least a number 2 spot somewhere. 


Cuts -

JJ3 - He wasn't a true FS when we got him to be honest. He just doesn't have great range. He's at least been average with some highs and lows. You were good enough that the players could develop around you, and for that he played his role. I'm going to put your money elsewhere. 

Jakeem Grant - I'm going to cut you. Post achilles I just cant take that risk and your cap. I've gotta get cheaper. Wish you well. 


FA Signings 

2nd Team All Pro FS Jessie Bates  - My big signing. Clear upgrade at FS. The last piece in this back 7. I think Bates is the type of player who could the missing piece to our defense going to really really good after we average out on the Dline. Allowing Grant to play closer to the LOS we'll help him, and be the best thing for our defense. Keep him coming downhill. Then it allows Ward and Emerson on the outside to play zone or man. It also to a certain extent makes the division weaker by getting him from Cinci. FS can also last a very long time. Let me put it his way. I think he could be our Devin MccCourtey. Lock that position down for a decade. A great free safety can be a decade player. Plus we're already paying JJ3. Just put his money and a little more and get a legit upgrade!

DT A'Shawn Robinson - I first saw this on PFF and gravitated to it immediately. Superbowl champion and National Champion. We have to get someone in FA on the D line who can help right away. At 6'4 330  Alshawn is my big pick. Theres potential for higher sack numbers putting him back in the 43. He's our NT with Winfrey at 3tech.

*I'm mocking this because I think someone will pay Daron Payne more than we would. He'd be my ideal number 1 target, but I would be highly surprised if Berry paid what it's going to cost. He's going to make like 25-30 million a year possibly. Bates will make less. 


OT Jedrick Wills - I pick up Wills 5th year option. Just do it at worst you keep a talented young asset you can move for picks in a worst case scenario. 

C Ethan Pocic - I gotta keep him. It's probably not much for a center. 2-3 year deal. Sell him on the coaching. Keep getting coached up and you could be great. 

MLB Deion Jones - I honestly loved what I saw. I think if we can legit 43 tackles he could be positive player for us. A well paid 1-2 year contract. 

DE Chase Winovich - 1 year deal. You already like Cleveland. Just wait till you get to play in this defense. You might be our starter. 

OLB Sione Takitaki - He wants to resign. Try and get it done on a 2-3 year deal. He's played we'll for sure and this was his first big injury. 

CB AJ Green - We couldn't keep Greedy but we can keep AJ at half the price. Stick on as corner number 4. 1 year deal. 

OL Michael Dunn - If we can I will take him back. 1 year deal. 

*I dont know what D'anthony Bell's situation is, but I want him back too. 



Round 2 Pick 43 Jalin Hyatt Tennessee - He's a straight up SEC Rocket. Im not dealing with this bs Schwartz experiment anymore. Get this offense a legit threat. It'll open up everything. Don't try and be cheap. Go get a legit one. Most great offenses right now have a true speed threat. Hyatt is football player with track speed. It'll make everybody better. I think he'd be our Christian Watson. 


Round 3 Pick 99 DT Bryon Young Alabama - I like that he can play 1, 3, 5 tech. You know he's coached well and played in big games. 

Round 4 Pick 111 DE KJ Henry Clemson - I like his tape. I think he's great fit in the wide 9. He's got the size and athleticism. 9 sacks last year but he's older at 24 so he slides here. 

Round 4 Pick 130 DE/DT Mike Morris Michigan - I would run the pick in. I've seen multiple draft big boards and he's in this range. At 6'7 he gives you that same Alex Wright height that could get offenses trouble. He's only 21. He's just scratching the surface.


Round 5 Pick 141  LB Ivan Pace Cincinnati - Every Cinci game I watch Pace sticks out naturally. He kinda reminds me of Mykhel Kendricks. The way he blitzes he's really good at it. I think he could develop into a starting MLB in a 43 who can blitz and cover when necessary. 

Round 5 Pick 143- WR Jayden Reed Michigan State - Another player who stands out naturally anytime I'm watching MSU. He's got KR and legit WR potential. I think he'd beat Michael Woods out. Had to let Jakeem now we bring in a returner we believe in. 

Round 6 Pick 189 - Dorian Thompson-Robinson UCLA - Kellen Mond is set to be our backup next year. Gotta bring in some competition. I think Dorian actually has Minshew/ Tyler Huntley potential. Honestly better, but for some reason he's ranked outside the 220. I'll take him in the 6th we keep a QB3. Maybe he's a Antrel Randel-El? At worst he's an athlete. 

Round 7 Pick 231 RB Chris Rodriguez JR Kentucky- Our 3rd string RB. He runs downhill and I think could play STs. He doesn't catch like at all, but he knows how to move forward with explosiveness. 

UDFA - I need a backup SS, a TE3, and strong side backer. 


I would say in all my primary focus is using our premium assets on the positions that will also raise the level of other positions. I think a true FS in our defense will just be that last piece to make us high level defense. I just see our turnover ratio going up with Bates. So thats where my money is going there. Then in the draft I want that receiver to complete our offense. You've got to get Deshaun everything you can get him. Especially cheap because you pay him so much. So you've gotta use high picks on receivers if you have a franchise QB.  So go receiver early and get it out the way, and then fill the dline up with bodies and see who rises. 


and with that new guys...


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I'm honestly not that upset with this I would be happy with your Free Agents, I like Robinson in case we don't get Payne, I would love to get Bates, I just think he is going to be super expensive.  If Hyatt was there at our pick in the second I would be ecstatic, I think he is really going to be a super weapon out of the slot, Byron young is a sleeper to me, not an overly recognized name in the Bama program, one of those doesn't do one thing great, but does everything good kind of guys.  KJ henry I think is gonna be more of a run stopping DE as opposed to a pass rushing DE, Although I think he will manage somewhere between 5-9 sacks a year. Morris I would almost see if he could put on some weight and play inside, DTR to me is  a underrated pick as I think he could play similar style as Deshaun 

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Everything seems within reach except the Mike Morris Pick...he's going to go in the 2nd....maybe even sneak into the back end of Round 1...6'6 292 Twitched up DE's DONT last to the 4th round in the draft....without issue.

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