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Least motivating Super Bowl


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Wasn't super motivated to watch the two opponents we beat in the regular season during the 2008 SB matchup after that NFCCG loss. Won't lie.

Still watched it though since several friends thru a SB party as Steelers fans. 🤷‍♂️

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I mean, I feel like I’m not interested in wayyyy more than I am interested in. Either two teams I dislike, or a team I dislike and the other team I’m on neutral on, or one of the teams got there really questionably. Seems like one of these applies almost every year. 

Super Bowls I was looking forward to:

2020: Buccaneer vs Chiefs

2016: Falcons vs Patriots: weirdly went into this game cheering the Falcons, rooting and clapping with the Falcons up 28-3, and then rooting and clapping for Brady’s comeback and calling him the goat at the end. One of the strangest sets of emotions ever. 

2010: Packers vs Steelers




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