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2 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

Leave it if you want, but most of what he said isn't wrong. The counter argument is that the ACC has Louisville which is def the red headed step child of the ACC academically, but they're still ahead of WVU.

  1. Louisville wasn't the team that the academically-minded schools wanted; that was Connecticut. Plus, UConn had (at the time) top men's and women's basketball programs. However, when the football-focused schools basically threatened to revolt and leave because UConn football is poo poo, they switched to the Cardinals as a compromise.
  2. Per US News & World Reports, Louisville is ranked 187th. No other school in the ACC is outside of the top 80 schools in the nation.
    1. Duke = 9th
    2. Notre Dame = 19th
    3. Virginia = 25th
    4. North Carolina = 28th
    5. Wake Forest = 28th
    6. Boston College = 36th
    7. Georgia Tech = 38th
    8. Florida State = 55th
    9. Miami = 55th
    10. Pittsburgh = 59th
    11. Syracuse = 59th
    12. Clemson = 75th
    13. Virginia Tech = 75th
    14. NC State = 79th
  3. West Virginia is ranked 249th. Connecticut, for what it's worth, is 63rd.


I said it was going to be harsh, but it still was reality.


It's kind of like the fact that Virginia Tech wasn't originally going to be the twelfth team in the ACC when the Atlantic Coast raided the Big East the first time. That was supposed to be Syracuse, but the Orange declined. The ACC didn't want to be left with just 11 schools as they wanted a championship game and that required twelve teams. Mark Warner, as the then governor of Virginia, pressured UVA to back VT's invite.

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I personally thing it’s stupid to be making a decision of what football team you want in your conference off of academics. It’s the stupidest reason for keeping WVU out of the Big10 or ACC, I mean they’re good enough to be in the Big12. We all know that big time College football athletics doesn’t revolve around academics as much as people want to fake like it does publicly, it doesn’t. The rivalries & the competition on the field is what matters, I’m sick of hearing arrogance of my school crap don’t stink academically as to a reason why a team shouldn’t be playing in a conference with them for sports. Eff that bs.

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5 hours ago, ARTMONK HOF said:

Can’t believe the Panthers fired Joe Brady. 

Kind of crazy considering how poor their QB situation has been with the injuries & having to panic and sign Cam to try to salvage their season.

He’ll be a hot commodity either in the pros as an OC, in college as an OC or he may even get a HC job in college for a good school but not a great one. The guy can coach.

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1 minute ago, MikeT14 said:

I get the move, but man they did Diaz dirty. Just fire the guy.

Meh, they need to look out for themselves. They had their eyes on one guy they didn’t know if they could get, sucks for him he was on the back burner but that’s life. He can take his $8M buyout now and move on. He did the same thing when he left temple after 12 days when the Miami job opened up.

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