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Brian Flores Hired as Defensive Coordinator

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11 minutes ago, vike daddy said:

Phil Mackey@PhilMackey

Something interesting to note about Brian Flores' defensive tendencies... In 2021, Miami Dolphins safeties rushed the passer *200 times*. By far the most in the NFL.

Harrison Smith used to be very good at this, but he was only sent on 14 pass rushing snaps this season.

200? Insanity 

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34 minutes ago, SemperFeist said:

It’s somewhat misleading because Flores likes to use a lot of sub-packages, including packages that utilize a 3rd safety. 

And if Cine comes back healthy, there will be plenty of opportunities to run with 3 safeties.

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4 minutes ago, PrplChilPill said:

Frankly, I don't get the idea of playing a LB on 3rd and more than 4 or so.....should be all safeties and CBs.

other than if it's a short pass to a TE, you might need a bigger guy to bring him down. but i get your point.

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2 minutes ago, vike daddy said:

alright, smart guys...

tell me about Xavien Howard and whether we should go after him, and if so can he be afforded?



On April 1, 2022, Howard signed a new five-year contract with $50.691 million in new money.

We talked about it in another thread:

Doesn't sound very feasible.

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16 hours ago, Captain Relax said:

A lot of linebackers are indeed safety's wearing numbers in the 50's.  

Thinking of someone like Asamoh here. Seems like someone like him is probably a Safety in the 90s, but in todays nfl, seems  he’s more of an oversized safety just playing LB. 

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