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2017 Training Camp Thread

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8 hours ago, Brian23 said:

@turtle28 I brought it up because of an article actually indicating Gruden and Ike think he can be a big time WR in this league. That's why I asked the open-ended question.

Ah, well I disagree with Gruden & Ike on that one. 

Like I said in the offseason and in past seasons if Grant was a starter for us, I think he could be an average WR. Like say he's was our 4th option instead of Doctson, he'd get less receptions, yards & definitely TDs than Doctson.

If healthy, Doctson is probably a 60-70 catch, 800-900 yard and 6 to 8 TD guy.

If Grant was our starter for a season he's a 40 to 50 catch, 500-600 yard and 3 or 4 TD guy.

There is certainly a drop off there but Grant as a 4th or 5th option is fine.

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