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3 hours ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

How does this pass the smell test for even the biggest Dak haters? Have you seen the QB carousel he’s thrived with his whole career? Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenan, Ryan Mallett, Tom Savage, and Brock Osweiler. I assure you, if those guys can get the ball to Hopkins, Dak can too.

I hate Dak’s inability to throw his WRs open more than most people on this entire site, and even I agree with you on this one. 

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24 minutes ago, CAPJ said:

First off I'm not a Dak hater, just not a Dak lover.

Dak is good at finding the open man and not taking chances, which is why Schultz has succeeded. Dak rather take an easy 6 yard throw and a tough 15 yard out. That's just his makeup.

Hopkins has a lot of the same things that made Dez great. Dak and Dez weren't a great pairing. 

Not saying Hopkins would fail here. Yes Dak is probably the best QB Hopkins would have played with, but skillsets and decision making matters.

What Hopkins has that Dez never had was reliable and consistent route running. Dez was great at many things, but route running wasn’t one of them. If Hopkins can build Dak’s trust that he’ll be in the spot that Dak throws it to, then we’ll be fine.

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16 minutes ago, D82 said:

I'm hoping they're able to bring back Hankins and maybe try and sign a solid swing tackle just in case Steele isn't able to go right away. 

I hope they bring back Hankins as well.

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