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GM Mock Drafts 2023 - TCMD Draft


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With pick 76 of the 2023 TCMD, the Houston Texans select

D-0462 - Tucker Kraft - TE - South Dakota State

Tucker Kraft on Twitter: "Looking forward to year 22. Going to be the best  one yet! https://t.co/ztxs8EXCik" / Twitter

The Texans were slightly afraid that someone would nab our preferred TE target when there was a run on TEs.

But with a little faith and fingers crossed, the Texans have added their George Kittle to the offense.

Tucker brings an excellent combination of receiving ability, YAC, and blocking in space to the Texans' revamped offense.

Welcome to Htown, Tucker!!!

@mountainpd Dolphins are OTC (hope you're awake, broski)

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OTC @mountainpd


@whodatOL @Justone2 @KingOfNewYork @Trojan @Cbrunn @MikeT14

General Manager Round Pick Overall Cap Hit Start End
ON THE CLOCK FALSE mountainpd 3rd 21 84 $1,009,086 Sat, 03/11 02:40 PM Sat, 03/11 03:20 PM
  T.B. Team General Manager Round Pick Overall Cap Hit Start End
Next Team
FALSE LAC whodatOL 3rd 22 85 $1,007,118 Sat, 03/11 03:20 PM Sat, 03/11 04:00 PM
FALSE BAL Justone2 3rd 23 86 $1,003,784 Sat, 03/11 04:00 PM Sat, 03/11 04:40 PM
FALSE MIN KingOfNewYork 3rd 24 87 $1,000,663 Sat, 03/11 04:40 PM Sat, 03/11 05:20 PM
FALSE JAC Trojan 3rd 25 88 $998,958 Sat, 03/11 05:20 PM Sat, 03/11 06:00 PM
FALSE PIT Cbrunn 3rd 26 89 $998,394 Sat, 03/11 06:00 PM Sat, 03/11 06:40 PM
FALSE CAR MikeT14 3rd 27 90 $998,112 Sat, 03/11 06:40 PM Sat, 03/11 07:20 PM
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