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Favorite Mid-Round Draft Prospects


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Just to drum up some more excitement in this forum, I figured let's start talking about our favorite mid-round prospects.  I mean we all know and love guys that could potential be there at #29 and #40 like Bijan, Kancey, Bresee, Washington, JSN, etc, but what about the guys in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds?

To start this off, I'll go with a 4th/5th round player.

DL Colby Wooden, Auburn


He's played all along the DL for Auburn throughout his career, has good RAS score and was described as the following on the NFL combine site of his player profile:


“He’s a coach’s dream. Nobody is going to outwork him and football means a lot to him.” -- Area scout for AFC team


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Mohamed Ibrahim- Minnesota (RB)

I think there’s are good chance he’s a day 3 pick given his age and has had some injuries in college. With that said, I’m very confident he is going to have some good seasons in the  NFL even if he doesn’t have a long NFL career. He should be able to step in right away as a rookie and produce.



Excellent contact balance

Very physical punishing running style

Always fights for extra yards

Great vision

Good initial burst

Good quickness

Very instinctive runner

Excellent production

Tons of success in short yardage situations



Old for a RB prospect 

Has had some injuries

Wasn’t used much as a pass catcher

Has good initial burst, but average at best top end speed


I do think he can produce better as a receiver in the NFL. A reason for his lack or production as a receiver came down to the system he was in and a lack of opportunities rather than lack of ability. From everything I’ve read, he’s looked solid in pass catching drills at the Shrine Bowl/Combine.

He might just be a “1 contract” RB, but more often than not resigning RB’s to bigger deals backfires on teams anyway, so if you can get 4 good years from him and move on, it’s not a bad thing.

Don’t let his listed size fool you. He shows no fear on the field and punishes defenders attempting to tackle him. For example:

You can find these types of runs in many of his games. He’s not “flashy” from an athletic standpoint, but he has all the important traits you look for in a RB to find success in the NFL. Well worth a day 3 pick and in a year or so he will be one of those RB’s we look back on and wonder why he didn’t get picked earlier. Similar to guys like Kareem Hunt, Aaron Jones, Tyler Allgeier, Dameon Pierce, etc.

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