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36 minutes ago, Ozzy said:

Maybe he is hurt or something, still one has that question of just how athletic is he.  If he does nothing and never works out I could see him dropping to the 2nd round, especially since he is not really a 3/4 OLB and probably could not do that unless he shows great athletic ability.  Mike Morris who is a tank, he showed he probably cannot be a 3/4 OLB with his combine showing, great at the line and on the line of scrimmage but probably not athletic and bendy enough to be a good 3/4 pass rushing OLB.  

It's strange because you would think if it was medical his agent would make sure that gets out...unless it is a bigger medical issue that could really sink his stock...but then I think that would leak out. He definitely is the elite tier prospect that can do nothing all off season.

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1 hour ago, General Tso said:

I guess I'll be the one to give Carter the benefit of the doubt. He's been going through a lot. I can understand why he's off. 

That's what I am hoping for and other GMs don't feel that way. Getting the best player in the draft at #7 would be a homerun.

Although the optics of him being involved in a high-speed, drunken car accident being drafted to the same team Ruggs was on won't go over too well.....

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Does not look awful in this drill, but pretty sure his issue is yeah he possibly helped two people die by racing them in a car after a parade for the team winning a National Title.  Pretty sure that would weigh on anyone, especially if that is true and they were racing at crazy high speeds and now a super talented teammate is dead and a Georgia staffer is dead as well because of it.  


This one not as great but clearly he had other things on his mind and stress does matter and hurts ones performance in pretty much anything.  


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