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John Allen


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He is working on the sidelines with trainers. This is a good sign. Gruden says he hopes to have him practicing with the team next week and that he looks to be on pace to return on time baring no setbacks. If we can beat Dallas and we can get Allen back for the Cardinals this team could make big leaps to finish the season. But you know Dallas is gonna give us their best game. But this defense is a different animal with Allen and the Greek keeping Brown and whoever clean against the run. Monte has to get his shoulder right this offseason but if he can make it through to the end these two rookies have been huge for this year. After last year this season has almost been like developing two classes at once. Fuller JD Perine Allen and Nicholson have been huge this season

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1 hour ago, Dashing202 said:

The falcons schedule hard .

i don't see them winning more than 9

we got a chance 

10-6 should get us in for sure

we would take either the saints panthers or falcons spot


Seattle has to lose. They have a 1 game advantage on us right now. If they have the same record, we win the H2H. 

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Allen can't come back till Week 15. He'll probably play, no matter what the playoff status is, and probably will get worked back in slowly. It's been their nature to be very conscientious easing players into the game after injury. Look at how long they've taken with Doctson on gradually uping his snap counts and it's been well worth it.

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1 hour ago, MKnight82 said:

Season aint over till its over.

No, it's not, but the pathway to January is awfully thin.

Teams to root for this weekend (this is obviously moot if Thursday should end in a loss):

  • 1PM games
    • Minnesota (over the Falcons)
    • Buccaneers (over the Packers)
    • Ravens (ugh, but over the Lions)
  • 4PM games
    • Saints (over the Panthers)
    • Rams (over the Cardinals)
  • SNF
    • Eagles (double ugh, but over the Seahawks)
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As an outlier I'd add KC (over the Jets) and Cleveland (over Chargers). Well, the Browns probably won't but the Jets might win their's.

Chiefs have a 1 game lead and currently hold the first 2 tie breakers over LA. Rather go to California against a 5 - 7 team getting pushed out of the playoff picture than a 6 - 6 one fighting for 1st in their division.

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