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Signings or Re-Signings

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2 hours ago, Billsfaninptown said:

3.7 million dollar cap hit for a guy that has done nothing in the league so far? I would assume he should have gotten closer to the league minimum. McBeane must think they can coach him up.

Was a first team AllPro in 2019 lol

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21 hours ago, BillsGuy82 said:

Jamal Williams name has some 💨

throw ezekiel elliot with the smoke, that is now 90% of all RBs in FA, or rumor to be trade options that have been linked to the bills. I have a feeling at the end of the day all this rb talk they end up re-signing Singletary just to get me annoyed. Im all in on the overpaying of Derrick Henry, dont care about his age, dont care about his milage, dont care about the oline, dont care about his cap...all I care about his ability to toss DBs and run over LBs when needed. Him on the field forces teams to potentially stack the box which then leads to guys being 1 on 1 with the DBs that ends in a big play from Allen. When they are focused on the pass he will be able to run it down the defenses throats. You cant teach 6'2 240 pounds, you cant stop him you can only hope to contain him. That is a weapon that would get us over the top

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7 minutes ago, Trentwannabe said:

I assume. Or Return specialist however they word it.

Definitely not a WR lol. I do think he ads more versatility than McKenzie 

Seems weird since we have Hines who’s one of the best returners in the league. Maybe they want to utilize the quick passing game more and YAC? He definitely has the special teams ability that McKenzie lacked.

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On 3/17/2023 at 12:35 PM, Trentwannabe said:

Feels like Jack Campbell is primed to be a Bill

If I was betting $$$, I would put it on a low 1-2 year contract to bring back AJ Klein to be honest.

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