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On 3/31/2023 at 12:06 PM, Billsfaninptown said:

It sucks that they haven't been able to get the DL right with all the investments they've put made, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't draft an edge rusher or DT. So you want them to ignore DL even though they need to improve the unit still? That makes zero sense. We aren't beating the Bengals or Chiefs without at least a decent DL. You should brace yourself to be disappointed based off of Beane's track record of taking the highest player on their board.

Im saying I do not want to waste the 27th pick on a dlineman. Im well aware that spending a day 2 or preferably day 3 pick on one or two will happen but the bills need to focus on fixing the offense as this is what runs the league and needs to stop being cheap. Outside of diggs they have no real consistent weapons. While Harty and Sheffield are nice depth players this shouldnt shy away from going big on one person in FA or Trade or even possibility of landing one in the 1st rd. Oline is a massive disappointment and with the amount of money you have invested in a qb and how long it took the Bills to find their franchise qb you have to make him last. Having a mediocre oline and weapons who cant catch the ball consistently isnt doing Allen any favors. So yes if the bills look at drafting a DLineman at 27 it will be an absolute disappointment. RT is the biggest need on this team and if Wright is there at 27 then you have to pull the trigger on him over a dlineman. LB is the 2nd biggest need, then WR. DT and IOL are tied for 4th as they do not have long term answers outside of this year. Trading oliver for a day 2 pick would be a massive help, you can take that pick and grab a DT with it, may not be the same level as Oliver coming out of college but there is talent that can easily replace him and they can land a guy long term on a rookie deal while clearing 10.7 mil that can help go to a different position. 


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