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The STL Cardinals Thread - Wellcome Willson


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3 hours ago, kgarrett12486 said:

Harrison Bader is absolutely raking right now. His pitch recognition has gotten immensely better. 

If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that Bader would be hitting .300+ for the season I would have thought he had 3 total at bats lol

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21 hours ago, kgarrett12486 said:

Adam Wainwright now has 10 starts this year of 7 IP or more. He's 5th in the MLB in terms of highest IP per start.

He's the anti 2021 SP and he's doing it at 39 lol...

Run him back next year, if he wants it. Two years in a row of being a pretty quality starter. Plus, he's a Cards legend. 

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I know Yepez was mentioned recently in here, but this guy needs to be in Carpenter's spot yesterday. I know that won't happen now, but he needs to be on the big squad next year. 1B/3B/COF/DH/PH. He reminds me a lot of those stocky AL boppers. He's definitely a September call up. 

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3 hours ago, Herbie_Hancock said:

How much do you guys enjoy Dylan Carlson? Just traded for him in my keeper league 

He's been just about what I expected in his 1st full season. I've been pleasantly surprised by his ability to play CF as needed and his ability to consistently get on base.

The power is going to continue to develop further with time. 

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3 minutes ago, kgarrett12486 said:

Scherzer is going to the Padres.

This may impact his 2022 outlook. He said earlier this week that he wanted to go to a team that he could potentially resign with and the Padres are going to be perineal contenders. 

We may have to cross him off our wish list. 

Ehh, I dont think this makes them all that much more of a threat than they already were.

At one point this year he (Boras) was saying that he needed an extension to agree to any Trade this year, and thats not happening

When it comes to Sherzer, he knows what we offer, if he wants to come here, and we are competitive with the money, he will. 

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49 minutes ago, kgarrett12486 said:

This guy is a beat writer for the Rockies:

'Thomas Harding of MLB.com reports that the Mets and Cardinals are among the "handful" of teams that have discussed Trevor Story with the Rockies.'

I kind of hope we don’t go after Story. 

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