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Your top 3 fan favorite FA signings ever.

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1. Reggie White: Does anything need to be said about this signing? May be a top FA signing of all time by any team. 

2. Charles Woodson: Just an awesome player with so many iconic and great plays. Probably another top FA signing in the history of the NFL. 

3. Julius Peppers: Either Julius, Dotson, ZaDarius, or Amos would fit the bill here but I really enjoyed those Peppers years. A consummate pro who was extremely fun to watch. 

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1. Rich Gannon

2. Jerry Rice

3. Rod Woodson

4. Charlie Garner

Basically all part of the same team and all performed near the top of their positions. Crazy. 

If I was old enough at the the time: 1. Ronnie Lott

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On 3/25/2023 at 11:19 AM, Danger said:

I can think of two of the top of my head.

WR Alshon Jeffery
CB Asante Samuel

T.O. is sort of a FA signing. We basically signed him as a FA, then were forced to include trade comp for him because his agent didn't sign something before the deadline or something.

Everyone loved the Nmandi signing when it happened. Little did we know...

I actually loved us signing Donte Stallworth when it happened, because I was desperate for a solid receiver with speed. He had a pretty decent first season with us too before injuries mounted up.

Can't forget about Frank Gore.

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1. Anquan Boldin (technically a trade but it was for like a 5th rounder IIRC and the Cards wanted to dump his salary so I'm counting it)

2. Willis McGahee

3. Steve McNair

HM: Derrick Mason, Elvis Dumervil

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Best FA signings for the Giants during my fanhood would be the 2005 class of Plaxico, Antonio Pierce, and Kareem McKenzie. Then Ernie topped off that offseason by somehow getting Brandon Jacobs, Justin Tuck, and Corey Webster with consecutive selections in a draft where the Chargers had our first rounder. That's 6 good players who were great when it counted!

Which signings were I most excited about? I didn't know that Lavar Arrington was damaged goods and just assumed he was a beast because of his rating in Madden. Olivier Vernon was pretty cool too, but I was already an adult then so I lacked that silly childhood naivete that made me go completely gaga over Lavar. Antrel Rolle was an absolute dream fit for us coming off of the CC Brown era, and while he wasn't a perfect player by any means, the deluge of butthurt Cardinals fans who said we overpaid were wrong. What's with that team dumping good safeties in their prime?

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For the Bears I'll only go with ones I have seen as a fan.

1- Julius Peppers

2- Akiem Hicks

3- Tremaine Edmunds

Also since Emdunds hasn't played yet you can put Allen Robinson there if you prefer.

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