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I read the Script - Mock draft (v4) *Post FA Signings*


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Anton Harrison for Jets is tempting but I don't think Jets will draft OT in 1st round.   Duane Brown at LT and Mehki Becton should play at RT.  I know they are questionable on the paper but Jets need to spend 1st round pick on someone who will immediately play without any guesswork.

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3 hours ago, ninjapirate said:

You do know Lamar Jackson is a lot better than Desmond Ridder right?

You do know the Falcons don't have the cap to even make an offer sheet anymore, right? The only 2 NFL teams that do are the Bears and the Ravens. The Falcons aren't trading for Jackson. Period. 


Whether you or I want them to is irrelevant, they aren't going to do it.

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     Young and Stroud will be the first two picks.

     If Carolina isn't picking one of those--and they shouldn't--they will trade down to #4 and take Richardson (lacking YAC or deep WRs for Levis, who won't be taken in the top seven if Arizona sits and takes a non-QB).

     Detroit will be pleased to trade down but the acquisition of two free agent CB1s signals they won't be selecting a WR in round #1.  Taking a TE1 at #18 wouldn't be outrageous but they should stick with defense (read:  "Myles Murphy" or "Brian Branch").

     Buffalo won't be taking a Tight End, especially in Round #1.

     Otherwise, there are some excellent choices here.

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Chargers have LT Slater and just resigned Pipkins to a 3 year starter deal at RT. Zion Johnson and Salyer have the Guard spots locked up and Linsley is a pro bowl caliber center. Chargers should not be going OL at all in the 1st unless it’s a situation of far and away bpa. Give them Bijan Robinson here. It’s the weapon that will help Herbert the most and the position able to make the biggest year 1 impact. GM and HC are both on the hot seat so players for future years are off the table. If Bijan is available, Bijan is the pick. 

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