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Bime Mock 7.0. 2rd’er w/Trades. Post top QB prospect pro-days


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Trade:  Colts acquire 3rd overall pick from Cards for 4th, 79th, 106th, and ‘24 3rd. 

Trade: Ravens acquire 11th overall pick & ‘24 1st rd pick from Titans for QB L.Jackson. Signs FT w/Ravens: agrees to 3yr/172( 150m guaranteed)Technically, it’s 4yr 205m(182m guaranteed). *They cut Ryan Tannehill, Kevin Byard, and Denico Autrey. 


Trade: Packers acquire 42nd overall pick & ‘24 Conditional 3rd rd pick(becomes 2nd if Jets make playoffs) from Jets for Aaron Rodgers 

  1. CAR- Richardson, QB UF
  2. HOU- B.Young, QB 
  3. IND(v/AZ)- Stroud, QB OSU
  4. AZ(v/InD)-Anderson, DE Bama
  5. SEA- Carter, DL UGA
  6. DET- Murphy, DE Clem
  7. LV- Gonzalez, CB Ore
  8. ATL- T.Wilson, DE TTU
  9. CHI- Skoronski, OT NW
  10. PHI- Robinson, RB UT
  11. BAL(v/TEN)-Levis, QB UK
  12. HOU- JSN, WR OSU
  13. NYJ- P.Johnson OT OSU
  14. NE- B.Jones, OT UGA
  15. GB- Smith, DE UGA
  16. WAS- Witherspoon, CB iLL
  17. PIT- Wright, OT Tenn 
  18. DET- Porter, CB PSU 
  19. TB- Harrison, OT OKLA
  20. SEA- VanNess, DE Iowa
  21. LAC- Bresee, DL Clem
  22. BAL- Johnston, WR TCU
  23. MIN- Addison, WR USC
  24. JAX- Torrence, G/C UF
  25. NYG- Banks, CB Md
  26. DAL- Kancey, DL Pitt
  27. BUF- Sanders, Lb Ark 
  28. CIN- Mayer, TE ND
  29. NO- White, DL G-Tech
  30. PHI- Branch, S Bama 
  31. KC- Jones, Ot Ohio St 

Round 2:

32. PIT- Flowers, WR BC

33. HOU- McDonald, DE Iowa St

34. AZ- Smith, CB SC

35. IND- Ringo, CB UGA

36.LAR- Anudike-Uzomah, DE KSU

37. SEA- Hooker, QB Tenn

38. LV- Mauch, OL NDST

39. CAR- Foskey, DE ND

40. NO- Hyatt, WR Tenn

41. TEN- Duncan, OT MD

42. GB- Kinkaid, TE Utah

43. NYJ- Dexter, DL UF

44. ATL- Simpson, LB Clem

45. GB- Campbell, Lb Iowa 

46. NE- Phillips, CB Utah

47. WAS- Schmidt, G/C Minn

48. DET- T.Mckee, QB Stanford 

49. PIT- Forbes, CB MSST

50. TB- IKa, DL Baylor

51. MIA- Gibbs, RB Bama 

52. SEA- Avila, G/C TCU

53. CHI- Adewarore, DL NW

54. LAC- Washington, TE UGA

55. DET- M.Smith, DL Mich

56. JAX- Johnson, S TAMU

57. NYG- Tippeman, G/C Wisc

58. DAL- LaPorta, TE Iowa 

59. BUF- M.Bergeron, OL Cuse 

60. CIN- Harrison, DL Ohio St 

61. CHI- Blu-Kelly, CB Stan

62. PHI- Ojulari, DE LSU

63. KC- Mims, WR OKLA

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26 minutes ago, NudeTayne said:

I like that you fixed the trades. That said, why ruin your draft with putting Richardson at 1? There is zero chance he goes 1.


I don't think it's zero. I think there's a world where a GM just foams at the mouth of the idea of peak AR. That said I'll say 1% 😁


Good draft for the Commanders. I would be happy walking away with that. 

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1 hour ago, NudeTayne said:

I like that you fixed the trades. That said, why ruin your draft with putting Richardson at 1? There is zero chance he goes 1.


I truly believe Richardson goes #1.  At the combine, he met with Carolina management twice and heard Reich was “enamored” with him.

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The Packers tend to favour bigger edge guys, so Nolan Smith (235lb) is probably not picked, when Lukas Van Ness (269lb) is on the board.

I like that you predicted a 2nd round pick from the Jets.......pretty likely imo and a TE here makes perfect sense.

The second round 2 pick (pick 45, LB Jack Campbell, Iowa) is not a pressing need. However, Safety IS a serious need, so with J.L.Skinner and Antonio Johnson still on the board, I would think they would be strong contenders for the pick.

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