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2024 NFL Draft 7 Round Mock/Ranking and Prospect Standouts (Edited 2/17/24)


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2 hours ago, Tetsujin said:

FSU JR CB Renardo Green may be one to keep tabs on.

I was never super impressed with him last year, I am more interesting how the Virginia transfer Fentrell Cypress II does on Florida State.


They need some DBs to step up because on paper it is not a great group and could be the biggest weakness of the team currently.  That or LB.

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12 hours ago, Ozzy said:

I was never super impressed with him last year, I am more interesting how the Virginia transfer Fentrell Cypress II does on Florida State.


They need some DBs to step up because on paper it is not a great group and could be the biggest weakness of the team currently.  That or LB.

We mostly play 4-2-5, so I'm not worried about the LBs.

Maybe we can get the UAB S transfer Jaylen Key

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6 hours ago, HerbertGOAT said:

I LOVE Jared Verse. Incredibly sudden, violent, and explosive. I think mid-season you'll start to have some attention-seeking mock drafts putting him #1 over Caleb Williams (not that I'd agree).

Maybe. I wonder if his age should be a factor.

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On 5/11/2023 at 8:25 AM, Tetsujin said:

We mostly play 4-2-5, so I'm not worried about the LBs.

Maybe we can get the UAB S transfer Jaylen Key

There goes Key

FSU DBs aren’t a deep group but the starters are solid albeit unspectacular.

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On 5/14/2023 at 8:04 PM, Tetsujin said:

There goes Key

FSU DBs aren’t a deep group but the starters are solid albeit unspectacular.

Key is a big loss, I would say he is right up there with any of the returning guys as one of the best they had.  Fentrell Cypress being great for them becomes even more important.  He should be easily the best DB they have currently but who knows.  

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*Keon Coleman former Michigan State WR transferred to Florida State, that dude is a freak show and great athlete, talk about hell to deal with, have Travis at QB, Benson as a power RB and massive athletic targets at WR in Wilson and now Coleman.  They are going to be a big problem.


*Storm Duck CB transferred now to Louisville instead of Penn State, odd choice but still a moderately talented prospect with good ball awareness.  


*Tony Mathis Jr RB former West Virginia RB transferred to Houston, kid showed some juice last year and could do very well at Houston, especially since McCaskill transferred out.


*Payton Thorne former Michigan State QB transferred to Auburn, very odd because Robby Ashford is already there and should be the starter and could be the following year as well.  He could declare but with the deep 2024 QB class not sure that happens, maybe Thorne beats him out with the next staff in and possible switch in system.    If Thorne declare though for 2024 I do not have him being drafted currently.  


*TJ Finley QB transferred out of Auburn and to Texas State, but I doubt he would declare this up coming season and probably return and use a COVID year potentially.  


*David Bailey former BC RB and then Colorado State RB transferred to Texas A&M for his 6th year.   I did not know he was still in college football, I liked the kid on BC, is built very well and powerful, will be hard for playing time on A&M but why not.  

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On 5/18/2023 at 6:09 PM, Ozzy said:

*Keon Coleman former Michigan State WR transferred to Florida State, that dude is a freak show and great athlete, talk about hell to deal with, have Travis at QB, Benson as a power RB and massive athletic targets at WR in Wilson and now Coleman.  They are going to be a big problem.


I stated in another thread that this offense, at least on paper, is very comparable to the 2013 Nat'l Championship team. But that team had a special defense.

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13 hours ago, Tetsujin said:

I stated in another thread that this offense, at least on paper, is very comparable to the 2013 Nat'l Championship team. But that team had a special defense.

I disagree, that offense had a very solid OL with Matais, Jackson, Erving, Stork and Hart.  Not sure this up coming FSU team has as experienced of an OL and sure they had Benjamin but that was almost it in terms of super big targets.  This up coming team has Wilson who is a 6-7 235 pound freak show, Keon Coleman, Morlock at TE who is 6-7 also, not to mention Travis is a far better athlete than Winston obviously.  

And the 2013 D is way better overall with Edwards, Jernigan, T. Smith, Joyner, Ramsey, C. Jones, Goldman etc.  Sure the front four is solid but the LB and DBs are more than a question for FSU this up coming year.   

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4 hours ago, SteelKing728 said:

Penix is a 4th round prospect change my mind

4th round?  Penix Jr is mobile, can throw moving to his left or right.  Is very accurate with a strong enough arm and the only major issue is his injury history and long term durability.  Dude ripped up college football last year, almost led the nation in passing which is very hard to do at a Power 5 program.  His OL was just ok, no super stars on it, running game was just ok and his receivers were good but without Penix Jr at QB last year they would have all struggled as would that team.  If he has equal to greater success this up coming season no way he falls to the 4th round.

Sure he could suck next year but if he stays on par with what he did last year, dude is totally worth a 1st round pick and is a top 4 QB.  Sure Travis, Leary, Rattler, Nix or Jefferson could jump him but as of right now I would say he is pretty solid #3 QB behind the obvious top two.   He has some footwork stuff to work on along with some mechanic stuff but if he is this productive with those issues think if he cleans some things up.  Only issues is durability, last year was the only season in his career in college he played over 6 games, but pretty impressive for production for that, he will be going into his 6th year but so will a lot of guys.  

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Potential breakout players in 2024:



Zakhari Franklin Ole Miss RS SR WR: Should have an amazing season and the step up in competition will really help his exposure.  Huge pickup for Ole Miss and he will be wildly important to that offense and be the only real #1 weapon they have at WR.  Massive transfer and dude should increase his stock a lot as well.


Ja'Quinden Jackson Utah SOPH RB:  Dude is a great looking athlete, super smooth runner and with a very talented offensive unit returning and a great D returning, that Utah team could be very good, especially if Jackson is carrying the rock and producing yards behind that solid OL.


Seth Coleman Illinois RS JR OLB/DE:  Outstanding talent who could really breakout this year, love his size for the position and pass rushing quickness.  Is part of a really good Illinois front 7 that is right in line with two of the best in the nation in Michigan and Ohio State.  Coleman should be a real force with the talent around him and could do some major damage.  


Bear Alexander USC SOPH DT:  Massive pickup for USC and could really help a weak defensive unit from last year.  Came on strong for Georgia at the end of last season and if he continues that progression could be a real force in the middle that is much needed out West.  


Mike Sainristil Michigan SR S/CB:  Really came on strong last year and showed he was a very versatile DB who could do multiple things.  Great leader and should be a standout on a very solid Michigan D this year with a ton of returning talent.  


Keon Coleman Florida State JR WR:  He played great last year and was very impressive as a big body WR, should be even better on FSU with better QB play and more weapons around him to take off the pressure.  Should have a massive season and is part of a super large and athletic pass catching core at Florida State.


Ruke Orhorhoro Clemson SR DT:  Behind a super deep and experienced DL Ruke should have a great season this year.  Liked his upside and potential last year but could take a big step this year and become a much more dominating force on the inside.  


Nick Jackson Iowa RS SR ILB:  Already is a productive ILB and well known because of that production.  But Iowa is a bigger stage and plays in much bigger games than Virginia, so if Jackson shows out in an already solid defensive unit he could really increase his draft stock.  


Mykel Williams Georgia SOPH DE:  Was a force last year but could be amazing this year as a big large and in charge pass rusher.  Kind of an inbetween guy who is bigger than most 3/4 OLBs but is quicker than most 4/3 DEs, he should have a great season.  


Jaylen Key Alabama RS SR S:  Was potentially a great pickup for Alabama and if Downs the freshman can start opposite him it would fill huge holes at safety for them and allow Moore to stay as a slot CB which helps the unit overall, especially if Amos the other transfer can start opposite Kool-Aid.  Key could be the key to it all though and he could be a good one.  


Devin Leary Kentucky RS SR QB:  The kid can play already but will arguably have the best WR core in the SEC to pass to, especially with those two standout true sophomore receivers.  Could have a very good offensive if that OL can improve and that is still a bit of a question mark.  With those weapons and the Vandy transfer at RB they could be solid offensively for sure.  


Malik Nabers LSU JR WR:  Was great last year and could be even better this up coming year.  A true #1 WR and they need that badly, makes the offense far more dangerous when he is around and I expect him to play himself into being a late 1st round pick possibly, he has very good footwork and quickness.  


Elijah Spencer Minnesota JR WR:  Could have an amazing year on Minnesota, especially with the improved QB play and the oddly deep WR core they have there.  If they can combine that with a solid run game those receivers could be very impactful and Spencer is super smooth at the position and natural.  If he does not do it, Le'Meke Brockington could breakout as well as third or fourth WR which is not common for that program and has not happened for awhile.  


DJ Giddens Kansas State SOPH RB:  Did play well last year but was behind Vaughn, should be the main man this year, even with Ward transferring in.  K-State has a super experienced OL back this year, experienced QB and tough blocking HB, I expect Giddens to have a great year.  


Squirrel White Tennessee SOPH WR:  Already had some big time games and they will need him at WR with all they lost at the position.  Is sneaky quick and in that offense I know he will be a major pain in the butt to defend all year long, very promising pass catching weapon for them who is hard to cover.  


Deone Walker Kentucky SOPH DL:  The guy should be a monster, flashed a lot last year and can really move for a massive dude.  Should be a standout and one of the best players on the defense, promising young talent and they need him to be a real impact player.  


Javontae Jean-Baptiste Notre Dame RS SR DE:  They need the edge rushing ability, not super strong there and Jean-Baptiste should finally be able to breakout this year with more playing time.  Super talented kid and always showed flashes but we will see if he can put it all together this year and take his game to another level.  


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Changes things a little when connecting it to teams and I have updated to a 7 round mock with team needs included instead of the 7 round draft ranking without teams included.  The edge rushers will benefit greatly because of the lack of depth as of right now, with good years Verse and Turner could easily be top 10 picks based on needs.  And I see a lot of teams wanted developmental and or backup QBs even if they have a star one already, will be a lot of options out there and is a super deep class of QBs as previously discussed. Could easily have Rattler and Leary be 1st rounders instead of Travis and Penix depending on how each of them plays and Leary has a super deep group of WRs at Kentucky and Rattler played great near the end of last season with some massive wins.  


1) Arizona Cardinals: Caleb Williams USC JR QB
2) Las Vegas Raiders: Drake Maye UNC RS SOPH QB
3) Indianapolis Colts: Marvin Harrison Jr Ohio State RS SOPH WR
4) Arizona Cardinals (Via Houston): Joe Alt Notre Dame JR OT
5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jared Verse  Florida State RS JR DE
6) LA Rams: Brock Bowers Georgia JR TE
7) Washington Commanders: Olumuyiwa Fashanu Penn State RS JR OT
8  Chicago Bears: Leonard Taylor Miami FL DT JR 
9) Chicago Bears (via Carolina): Dallas Turner Alabama JR DE/OLB 
10) Atlanta Falcons: Xavier Worthy Texas JR WR
11) Houston Texans (via Cleveland): Johnny Wilson Florida State RS JR WR
12) Green Bay Packers:  Cooper DeJean Iowa JR CB/S
13) Pittsburgh Steelers: Kool-Aid McKinstry Alabama JR CB 
14) Minnesota Vikings: Quinn Ewers Texas RS SOPH QB 
15) Denver Broncos: Braelon Allen Wisconsin JR RB
16) Tennessee Titans: Patrick Paul Houston RS JR OT
17) New England Patriots: Maason Smith LSU RS SOPH DT/DE 
18) New Orleans Saints: Barrett Carter Clemson JR OLB  
19) LA Chargers: TreVeyon Henderson Ohio State JR RB
20) New York Giants: Bralen Trice Washington JR DE
21) Detroit Lions: Jer'Zhan Newton Illinois RS JR DT
22) New York Jets: Robert Scott Jr Florida State RS JR OT
23) Miami Dolphins: Ryan Watts Texas SR CB/S  
24) Jacksonville Jaguars: Antwane Wells Jr South Carolina SR WR 
25) Seattle Seahawks: Michael Penix Jr Washington RS SR QB    
26) Baltimore Ravens: Caleb Etienne BYU RS SR OT
27)  Cincinnati Bengals: Emeka Egbuka Ohio State JR WR 
28)  Dallas Cowboys:  Malik Nabers LSU JR WR   
29) San Francisco 49ers: Michael Hall Jr Ohio State RS SOPH DT
30) Buffalo Bills: Zakhari Franklin UTSA RS SR WR   
31) Kansas City Chiefs: Keith Randolph Jr Illinois RS JR DE/DT
32) Philadelphia Eagles: Jeremiah Trotter Jr Clemson JR ILB

33) Arizona Cardinals: Blake Corum Michigan SR RB 
34) Las Vegas Raiders: Sedrick Van Pran Georgia RS JR C
35) Indianapolis Colts: Brandon Coleman TCU RS SR OG/OT
36) Houston Texans:  Deontae Lawson Alabama RS SOPH ILB  
37) Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Isaiah Williams Illinois RS JR WR
38) LA Rams: Mario Williams USC JR WR
39) Washington Commanders: Jordan Travis Florida State RS SR QB
40) Chicago Bears: Trey Benson Florida State RS JR RB
41) Carolina Panthers: Jake Renfro Wisconsin SR C 
42) Atlanta Falcons: Bo Nix Oregon RS SR QB
43) Cleveland Browns: Trevor Keegan Michigan RS SR OG
44) Green Bay Packers: Mason Richman Iowa RS JR OT 
45) Pittsburgh Steelers: Junior Colson Michigan RS SOPH ILB  
46) Minnesota Vikings: Cooper Beebe Kansas State RS SR OG
47) New Orleans Saints (via Denver): Isaiah Davis South Dakota State RS SR RB
48) Tennessee Titans: Brevyn Spann-Ford Minnesota RS SR TE
49) New England Patriots: Audric Estime Notre Dame JR RB  
50) Philadelphia Eagles (via New Orleans): Jack Sawyer Ohio State RS SOPH DE  
51) LA Chargers: Ruke Orhorhoro Clemson SR DT
52) New York Giants: Javon Bullard Georgia JR S 
53) Detroit Lions: Donovan Edwards Michigan JR RB
54) Green Bay Packers (via Jets): Jayden Daniels LSU RS SR QB   
55) Miami Dolphins: Benjamin Yurosek Stanford SR TE
56) Jacksonville Jaguars:  Kamari Lassiter Georgia JR CB   
57) Seattle Seahawks: Cooper Mays Tennessee SR C/OG 
58) Baltimore Ravens: Dwight McGlothern Arkansas SR CB
59)  Cincinnati Bengals: Bryce Foster Texas A&M JR C
60)  Dallas Cowboys: LaDarius Henderson Michigan RS SR OG/OT
61) San Francisco 49ers:  Malachi Moore Alabama SR CB
62) Buffalo Bills: KJ Jefferson Arkansas RS SR QB  
63) Kansas City Chiefs: Jeremy James Ole Miss RS SR OT   
64) Philadelphia Eagles: Raheim Sanders Arkansas JR RB

65) Arizona Cardinals: Brandon Dorlus Oregon RS SR DT/DE   
66) Las Vegas Raiders: Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint Georgia SR WR
67) Indianapolis Colts: James Williams Miami FL JR S/LB
68) Arizona Cardinals (via Houston):  Bru McCoy Tennessee RS SR WR 
69) Tampa Bay Buccaneers:   Will Shipley Clemson JR RB
70) LA Rams: Richard Jibunor Troy RS SR DE/OLB
71) Washington Commanders: Jamon Dumas-Johnson Georgia JR ILB     
72) Chicago Bears: Oronde Gadsden II Syracuse JR WR 
73) Carolina Panthers: Nick Jackson Iowa RS SR ILB
74) Atlanta Falcons:  Desmond Watson Florida JR NT  
75) Cleveland Browns: Ja'Tavion Sanders Texas JR TE
76) Green Bay Packers: Nathaniel Watson Miss State RS SR ILB 
77) Pittsburgh Steelers: Jacoby Windmon Michigan State RS SR DE 
78) Detroit Lions (via Minnesota): JD Bertrand Notre Dame RS SR OLB
79) Seattle Seahawks (via Denver):  Nazir Stackhouse Georgia SR DT
80) Arizona Cardinals (via Tennessee): Ja'Quan Sheppard Maryland RS SR CB 
81) New England Patriots: Kris Jenkins Michigan SR DT
82) New Orleans Saints:  Aireontae Ersery Minnesota RS JR OT/OG
83) LA Chargers:  Blake Fisher Notre Dame SR OT  
84) New York Giants: Joe Milton III Tennessee RS SR QB 
85) Detroit Lions: Lawrence Arnold Kansas RS JR WR 
86) New York Jets: Omar Speights LSU SR OLB
*  Miami Dolphins (Forfeited): 
87) Jacksonville Jaguars: Seth Coleman Illinois RS JR OLB/DE 
88) Seattle Seahawks:  Isaiah Adams Illinois SR OG
89) Baltimore Ravens:   Fadil Diggs Texas A&M RS JR DE
90)  Cincinnati Bengals: Spencer Rattler South Carolina RS SR QB  
91)  Dallas Cowboys: Tyler Batty BYU JR DE 
92) San Francisco 49ers:  Pierce Quick Georgia Tech RS JR OG
93) Buffalo Bills: Demani Richardson Texas A&M RS SR S  
94) Kansas City Chiefs:  Brant Kuithe Utah RS SR TE
95) Houston Texans (via Philadelphia): Reggie Grimes Oklahoma SR DE 

96) Arizona Cardinals: Tommy Eichenberg Ohio State RS SR ILB  
97) Las Vegas Raiders: Kenny Logan Jr Kansas SR S  
98) Indianapolis Colts: Marcus Tate Clemson JR OG 
99) Cleveland Browns (via Texans):  JJ Pegues Ole Miss JR DT  
100) Tampa Bay Buccaneers:   Javion Cohen Miami FL SR OG
101) LA Rams: Curtis Jacobs Penn State SR OLB
102) Washington Commanders:  Brennan Jackson Washington State RS SR DE
103) Chicago Bears: Storm Duck Louisville RS SR CB 
104) Carolina Panthers: Jalen Catalon Texas RS SR S
105) Atlanta Falcons: Darian Varner Wisconsin RS JR DE/OLB  
106) Cleveland Browns: Cole Bishop Utah JR S
107) Green Bay Packers:  Cam Hart Notre Dame RS SR CB/S
108) Pittsburgh Steelers:  KT Leveston Kansas State RS SR OG/OT
109) Minnesota Vikings: JJ Weaver Kentucky RS SR OLB/DE 
110) Denver Broncos: Jordan Domineck Colorado RS SR OLB 
111)  Tennessee Titans:  Mekhi Wingo LSU JR DE/DT
112) New England Patriots:  Tyler Nubin Minnesota SR S
113) Jacksonville Jaguars (via Saints): Cameron Rising Utah RS SR QB
114) LA Chargers:  Jarvis Brownlee Jr Louisville RS JR CB  
115) New York Giants: Maema Njongmeta Wisconsin RS SR ILB  
116) Minnesota Vikings (via Detroit): Edgerrin Cooper Texas A&M RS JR ILB
117) Denver Broncos (via Jets):   Ainias Smith Texas A&M RS SR WR/RB
118) Denver Broncos (via Miami): Julian Pearl Illinois RS SR OT
119) Atlanta Falcons (via Jaguars):  Caleb Warren Ole Miss RS SR OG/C
120) Seattle Seahawks: Jordan Burch Oregon SR DE 
121) Baltimore Ravens: Jaheim Bell Florida State SR TE 
122)  Cincinnati Bengals: Jestin Jacobs Oregon RS SR OLB     
123)  Dallas Cowboys:  Mike Sainristil Michigan SR CB/S
124) San Francisco 49ers:  Tarique Barnes Illinois RS SR ILB
125) Buffalo Bills:  Nathan Pickering Miss State RS SR DT
126) Kansas City Chiefs: Sam Hartman Notre Dame RS JR QB  
127) Chicago Bears (via Eagles):   Andrew Coker TCU RS SR OT


128) Arizona Cardinals:  Mar'Keise Irving Oregon JR RB
129) Las Vegas Raiders: Payton Wilson NC State RS SR ILB  
130) Indianapolis Colts:  Myles Sims Georgia Tech RS SR CB
131) Houston Texans: Khyree Jackson Oregon RS SR CB  
132) Philadelphia Eagles (via Tampa Bay): Zak Zinter Michigan SR OG 
133) LA Rams: Marques Cox Kentucky RS SR OT
134) Washington Commanders: Miyan Williams Ohio State RS JR RB
135) Chicago Bears: Javontae Jean-Baptiste Notre Dame RS SR DE 
136) Cleveland Browns (via Carolina): Jalen Berger Michigan State RS JR RB
137) Atlanta Falcons: Doneiko Slaughter Tennessee SR CB
138) Minnesota Vikings (via Cleveland):  Zeke Correll Notre Dame SR C 
139) Green Bay Packers:  Joe Evans Iowa RS SR OLB
140) Pittsburgh Steelers: Zion Nelson Miami FL SR OT
141) Philadelphia Eagles (via Minnesota): Ja'Corey Brooks Alabama JR WR
142) Denver Broncos: Arik Gilbert Nebraska RS JR TE 
143)  Carolina Panthers (via Tennessee): Xavier Thomas Clemson RS SR DE  
144) New England Patriots: Erick All Iowa RS SR TE
145) New Orleans Saints: Tony Grimes Texas A&M SR CB
146) LA Chargers: Tyler Davis Clemson SR DT
147) New York Giants: Christian Jones Texas RS SR OT 
148) Detroit Lions: Michael Carmody Notre Dame SR OT
149) Denver Broncos (via Jets): Quinn Carroll Minnesota RS JR OG
150) Miami Dolphins: Jaylen McCollough Tennessee RS SR S 
151) Jacksonville Jaguars: Caden Prieskorn Ole Miss RS SR TE 
152) Seattle Seahawks:  Jordan Whittington Texas RS SR WR
153) Baltimore Ravens:  Gabe Hall Baylor RS SR DE
154)  Cincinnati Bengals:  AJ Hampton Tulane RS SR CB
155)  Kansas City Chiefs (via Dallas): Miles Battle Utah RS SR CB
156) Carolina Panthers (via San Francisco): Devin Leary Kentucky RS SR QB  
157) Buffalo Bills: Seth McLaughlin Alabama SR C 
158) Minnesota Vikings (via Kansas City): Jacob Cowing Arizona SR WR 
159) Arizona Cardinals (via Philadelphia): Reggie Pearson Oklahoma RS SR S

160) Carolina Panthers (via Arizona):  Edefuan Ulofoshio Washington RS SR ILB
161) New England Patriots (via Las Vegas):  Nehemiah Pritchett Auburn RS SR CB  
162) Indianapolis Colts:  Cedric Gray UNC SR OLB
163) Cleveland Browns (via Houston): Julian Fleming Ohio State SR WR
164) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mohamed Toure Rutgers RS SR OLB
165) Buffalo Bills (via Rams): MJ Devonshire Pitt RS SR CB
166) Washington Commanders: Quinn Schulte Iowa RS SR S
167) Chicago Bears  Antonio Grier Arkansas RS SR LB
168) Jacksonville Jaguars (via Carolina): Garmon Randolph Baylor SR OLB/DE
169) Atlanta Falcons:  Tykee Smith Georgia RS SR S
170) Atlanta Falcons (via Cleveland): Cade Stover Ohio State RS SR TE    
171) Green Bay Packers: Frank Gore Jr Southern Miss RS JR RB
172) Pittsburgh Steelers: Brenden Rice USC SR WR
173) Minnesota Vikings: Trajan Jeffcoat Arkansas RS SR DT  
174) LA Rams (via Denver): Will Rogers Miss State SR QB 
175)  Philadelphia Eagles (via Tennessee): Kendarin Ray Tulsa RS SR S
176) New England Patriots:  Tayvion Robinson Kentucky RS SR WR
177) New Orleans Saints: Fabien Lovett Florida State RS SR DT
178) LA Chargers: Travis Jay Colorado RS SR CB/S
179) New York Giants: Alfred Collins Texas SR DL
180) Detroit Lions: Shane Lee USC RS SR LB
181) New York Jets: Ricky Barber UCF RS SR DT  
182) Miami Dolphins:  Jaylan Ford Texas SR ILB
183) Jacksonville Jaguars: Josh Williams LSU SR RB
184) Seattle Seahawks: Cam Allen Purdue RS SR S
185) Cleveland Browns (via Baltimore):  DJ Uiagalelei Oregon State SR QB
186)  Cincinnati Bengals:  Te'Cory Couch Miami FL RS SR CB
187)  Buffalo Bills (via Dallas): Jared Wiley TCU RS SR TE 
188) San Francisco 49ers: Nick Kallerup Minnesota RS SR TE
189) Buffalo Bills: Adam Bock South Dakota State RS SR ILB  
190) Kansas City Chiefs: Zion Tupuola-Fetui Washington RS SR OLB
191) New Orleans Saints (via Philadelphia): Thomas Yassmin Utah SR TE  


192) Arizona Cardinals: Isaiah Mullens Wisconsin RS SR DE
193) Dallas Cowboys (via Las Vegas): Chip Trayanum Ohio State SR RB
194) Indianapolis Colts:   T'Vondre Sweat Texas RS SR DT
195) Houston Texans: Jake Sullivan USC SR DE
196) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Gregory Arkansas RS SR DE
197) Denver Broncos (via Rams): Howard Cross III Notre Dame SR DT 
198) Washington Commanders: Adisa Isaac Penn State RS SR DE
199) New England Patriots (via Chicago): Steven Jones Oregon RS SR OG/OT  
200) Tennessee Titans (via Carolina): Jackson Mitchell UCONN SR ILB
201) Cleveland Browns (via Atlanta): Jacob Warren Tennessee RS SR TE
202) Cleveland Browns: Akeem Dent Florida State RS SR CB
203) Green Bay Packers:  Eyabi Okie Charlotte SR OLB
204) Pittsburgh Steelers: Justin Eboigbe Alabama RS SR DE
205) Las Vegas Raiders (via Minnesota): Marist Liufau Notre Dame RS SR LB 
206) Denver Broncos: Mason Cobb USC SR ILB
207)  Las Vegas Raiders (via Tennessee):  Tim Smith Alabama SR DT
208) Las Vegas Raiders (via Patriots): Ruben Hyppolite II Maryland SR LB
209) Houston Texans (via New Orleans): Luke Grimm Kansas SR WR
210) LA Chargers: Zach Heins South Dakota State RS SR TE
211) New York Giants:  Luke McCaffrey Rice RS JR WR
212) Detroit Lions:  TJ Franklin Baylor RS SR DE
213) Baltimore Ravens (via Jets):  Taulia Tagovailoa Maryland RS SR QB
214) Miami Dolphins:  Grayson McCall Coastal Carolina RS SR QB
215) Jacksonville Jaguars:  Donavon Greene Wake Forest SR WR
216) Seattle Seahawks:  Cornelius Johnson Michigan RS SR WR
217) Baltimore Ravens:   Michael Wiley Arizona SR RB
218)  Cincinnati Bengals: Tyler Barron Tennessee SR DE
219)  Dallas Cowboys:  Phil Jurkovec Pitt RS SR QB
220) San Francisco 49ers: Omari Thomas Tennessee SR DT
221) Buffalo Bills: John Rhys Plumlee UCF RS SR WR/QB/RB  
222) Houston Texans (via Kansas City):  Isaiah Lee Iowa State RS SR DT
223) Tennessee Titans (via Philadelphia):  Nay'Quan Wright Georgia Tech RS SR RB


(Without Compensatory picks included, this is to equal estimated 259 player total)

Tyler Shough Texas Tech RS SR QB
Cameron Carroll Florida RS SR RB
Kobe Hudson UCF SR WR
Dillon Gabriel Oklahoma RS SR QB
Keon Zipperer Florida RS SR TE
Trayvon Rudolph Northern Illinois JR WR
Brennan Armstrong NC State RS SR QB
Chris Tyree Notre Dame SR RB/WR
Kedon Slovis BYU RS SR QB
Jermaine Burton Alabama SR WR
Cody Simon Ohio State SR ILB
Phillip Brooks Kansas State RS SR WR
Tahj Washington USC RS SR WR
Brennan Presley Oklahoma State SR WR
Anthony Grant Nebraska SR RB
Tony Mathis Jr Houston RS SR RB
Devin Carter West Virginia RS SR WR
Jase McClellan Alabama SR RB
Javon Baker UCF SR WR
Kobe Hudson UCF SR WR
Nakia Watson Washington State RS SR RB
Isaac Rex BYU RS SR TE
Will Reichard Alabama RS SR K
Johnny Langan Rutgers RS SR TE
Josh Celiscar UCF SR DE 
BJ Foster Sam Houston State RS SR S 
Jablonski Green South Carolina State RS SR DE
Ben Sinnott Kansas State RS JR FB/TE
Curtis Dunlap Jr Rutgers RS SR OG
Hudson Clark Arkansas RS SR CB/S
Ryan O'Keefe Boston College RS SR WR
Micah Abraham Marshall SR CB
Brady Latham Arkansas RS SR OG
Hank Bachmeier La Tech RS SR QB
Terry Roberts Miami FL RS SR CB
Roman Wilson Michigan SR WR

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  • Ozzy changed the title to 2024 NFL Draft 7 Round Mock/Ranking and Prospect Standouts (Edited 2/17/24)

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