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2024 NFL Draft 7 Round Mock/Ranking and Prospect Standouts (Edited 2/17/24)


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25 minutes ago, sparky151 said:

As a Buckeye fan, I think Donovan Jackson, Denzel Burke, and JT Tuimoloau are unlikely to all slip to day 3. Cade Stover might make it into round 3 as well. 

With Tuimoloau, like I have said before he will have to be way more dominating and consistent in my book.  A majority of his college production was in that one game last season.  Sure he is good but I just have to see more, lucky for him it is a weak edge rushing class and even he or Sawyer could benefit greatly from that if they play well.

Denzel Burke, I have never been amazed by him, he has 1 INT in his career so far which is not impressive to say.  At times Ohio State corners can get overrated and everyone thinks they will always be Lattimore like but they have guys like Damon Arnette, Jeff Okudah, Gareon Conley, Bradley Rob and Kendall Sheffield and all of them have disappointed.  Denzel Ward has been good but even he is so in and out of the lineup because of injuries.  I need to see a lot more from Burke before I put him up higher, but again lucky for him it is not a super strong class.  Outside of the top two it takes a big drop, Ohio State transfer Ryan Watts could be a star though, already was on Texas last year and should be even better this year, love his size and ability to be a corner or a safety.  


Didn't that D kind of suck last year?  Gave up a ton of points those last two games in big losses.  We will see what they are like this year  As for Jackson, I need to watch more of him and see how he does without Paris Johnson, Dawand Jones and Wypler all around him.  There is a chance those two new tackles struggle and that new center.  But once more if he shows out it is not a great OG class either so lucky him. 


Either way all the guys you speak of could benefit from another year unless they are all crazy good this year, and all are RS SOPH players and not sure any is totally at the top of their game just yet so need to see some improvement.   

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Week 0 Prospect Standouts:

*Sam Hartman Notre Dame RS SR QB:  Was not going up against great competition but kid was throwing darts out there.  Was always a good player but now has the chance to prove himself at a higher level.  Very emotionally and competitively into the game, could be the best QB Notre Dame has had since Brady Quinn honestly, could have a great season for them.


*Taisun Phommachanh UMASS RS JR QB:  Great to see him do so well, such a fine looking athlete.  I think he might need to switch positions to TE or WR potentially but the kid is so fast for being that size with the football in his hands.  Great in the zone read QB run game of course, could even be used potentially like that at the next level.  I hope he stays next year at UMASS he could develop nicely there and really improve.


*Will Sheppard Vandy SR WR:  Love his size and body control, need to watch more of him to see if he has some legit speed but have to love his leadership and development over the past few years.  Acts like a pro player already and is promising, could be a 2nd or 3rd rounder potentially.  


*Chris Tyree Notre Dame SR WR/RB:  Did not have an amazing game but his transition to WR is very interesting.  Obviously built like a RB and that seems to be so popular now a days, dude has great quickness and speed, could be a great move and should be a solid late round pick.


*JD Bertrand Notre Dame RS SR OLB:  Love his speed and athletic ability at LB, if one is talking the best OLB in the up coming draft and it is not a deep class already, Bertrand could be top 3 easily.  Could also play ILB in the right system, very promising player and should have a great season.  


*Jason Brown Jackson State RS SR QB:  I liked him when he was on South Carolina, did not do a thing on Virginia Tech but nice to see him light it up on Jackson State.  Has a good build to him and is a good leader.  Super deep QB class means he is most likely not drafted but could be a UDFA with a great season.  Makes Jackson State well worth watching and makes them pretty legit which is a surprise after all they lost.  


*Jayden McGowan Vandy SOPH WR:  Dude has some jets and is well worth paying attention to.  Had that one great kick return, super speedy and is part of a surprisingly deep Vandy WR core.  


*AJ Swann Vandy SOPH QB:  Did not have a great game but is promising long term, like his build as a QB and kid can sling the football well.  Has a lot to work on still but has plenty of weapons and a good arm.  Nice looking talent with room to grow.  


*Tyler Martin UMASS RS FR OLB:  Is one to watch in the future, had some good edge pressure for them and seems to have a good feel for the game as well.  In that Don Brown defense give him three or four more years and kid could be a player.  


*Junior Uzebu Vandy SR OT:  I like his blocking ability no doubt about it, good athlete and could be a decent late round pick with his size and athletic ability.  


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Usually I try to give players the benefit of the doubt, look on their upside but honestly Arik Gilbert is off my board no question about it.  What an idiot, all caught on video and honestly a Vape shop?  Then 8 police officers standing outside the Vape Shop waiting to arrest him.  He has no future in football.


I had him as a 5th round pick potentially higher this up coming year but throw that all out the window, he needs a little time in jail to be honest.  

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Week 1 Prospect Standouts:


*Justin Walley JR CB Minnesota: Made some standout tackles in that game and showed great short area quickness and anticipation.  Clearly Nebraska has no real legit WRs but Walley has always been a smooth cover man and in a some what thin CB class he could be top 5 corners potentially coming out if he plays this well the rest of the year and he tackles like he did in this game.  


*Tyler Nubin RS SR S Minnesota:  I do not buy the 1st round talk but looking at the safeties in the class it is a pretty thin group.  And hard to argue with the anticipation and big plays he made in this game.  Made a big impact last year and has a great feel for the game, with a fine year he could be a 2nd round pick.  Originally I had him in the 4th or 5th round range because of lack in foot speed, but if he can show he has the wheels dude can clearly play.  


*JaTravis Broughton RS SR CB Utah:  Love the toughness he showed in this game, made some real aggressive hits and tackles on consecutive plays.  Still has a lot to show but solid player and he out played potentially higher rated teammates on Utah I feel at CB.  


*Cole Bishop JR S Utah:  Real hit man at safety with great toughness and fundamental skill.  Should be one of the top safeties in the up coming draft assuming he declares, and it does help him it is a some what weak class.  Kid can tackle though and is great in the box, deep coverage is the only question about him.  


*Princely Umanmielen JR DE Florida:  They did not play great defensively but to me Umanmielen stood out on the edge no question.  Very powerful and strong hands, able to get off blocks and move guys.  Good size for the position as well, interesting talent and one to watch.


*Omar Brown RS SR S Nebraska:  Love how he played, super smooth in coverage and was right on the receivers.  Is not super experienced starting but should be the starter all season for Nebraska this year.  Promising talent that is a real rise, kid can cover and has great toughness about him at safety, very interesting prospect.

*Daniel Jackson SR WR Minnesota:  With a big year he could sneak into the NFL I feel as a 6th or 7th round pick.  Great game by him especially late, we will see if the QB can get more comfortable and be able to get Jackson the ball more this year.  Good route runner with good quickness, just can he put it all together.  It is his true senior year so not sure if he will take a COVID year and come back again next season or not.


*Nash Hutmacher JR DT Nebraska:  It could have been just really bad interior OL play on Minnesota.  But Hutmacher really stood out and made that interior OL look pretty bad multiple times.  Love the energy and athletic ability he showed at that size.  We will see if that Nebraska D can keep up that amount of pressure and if Hutmacher can keep up that level or production game in and game out.


*John Rhys Plumlee RS SR QB/WR UCF:  Hard to not love him as an athlete, he is so quick and fast in the open field.  Where he ends up in the NFL I do not know, I assume a WR type potentially with his running ability and speed.  Should have a great year for UCF and had a great game in the air and on the ground, is so hard to deal with especially in that offense.  


*Thomas Yassmin RS SR TE Utah:  Cannot help but love his upside for the position.  Wish he got more balls in this game but it was with some rookie inexperienced QBs so cannot expect too much.  With his natural run after contact skills from rugby he should have a great breakout season, especially if Kuithe is hurt again at the position.


*Jah Joyner RS JR DE Minnesota:  He needs to play and produce more but kid is super talented, such a long and athletic edge rusher.  Did ok last year but if he takes his play to another level he could be a solid prospect moving forward.  Got some good pressure in this game on the QB.


*Jamari Thrash RS SR WR Louisville:  Has good quickness and acceleration as a receiver, will get a lot more attention now playing at Louisville and could work himself into be a late round pick in the draft potentially.  Nice start for him and good productive game.


*Nathan Carter RS SOPH RB Michigan State:  Could be a star RB for them and they technically already have one in Berger.  Carter I love how he runs, very sudden and physical, powerful kid with good leg drive.  Could be a great piece for them moving forward.  





Others who impressed:

Kevin Coleman SOPH WR Louisville

Angelo Grose SR CB Michigan State

Clayton Powell-Lee SOPH S Georgia Tech

Jonah Elliss JR DE Utah

Nate Johnson RS FR QB Utah

Maverick Baranowski FR LB Minnesota

Isaac Gifford JR S Nebraska

Bert Emanuel Jr RS FR QB Central Michigan

Maliq Carr RS JR TE Michigan State 





Athan Kaliakmanis RS SOPH QB Minnesota - Never really had him as a NFL QB as of yet.  Talented sure but he has a lot of QB fundamentals to work on and does play pretty tight at times.  Maybe it was just the first game but honestly with the receivers they have, they should have been able to make a lot more big plays than they did in that game.  We will see how his progression continues as the year goes on, without that power run game he did look a lot different out there when it was all on him and passing the football.


Aireontae Ersery RS JR OT Minnesota - Showed flashes last year and was a solid player on the edge.  Did not show very good push or athletic ability at all in this game and that Minnesota OL got pretty much dominated most of the game, could not get any ounce of a run game against a Nebraska front that is not full of stars or something.  I had Ersery as a potential up and coming tackle in the draft but now maybe he should return for another year unless his play greatly improves.  

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Week 1 Prospect Standouts:


*Travis Hunter SOPH CB/WR Colorado:  Put on a show that is for sure.  I wish he showed a bit more toughness in terms of making catches and keeping control through the ground and as a tackler defensively not sure he really wants a ton of contact.  But hard to ignore those awesome ball skills, and he is so good at WR he will have to pick one or the other in the NFL.  Great to watch a two way star like that in college football, amazing snap count as well which is super impressive.  Has not been done to that level since Champ Bailey I believe, but Champ was far more physical defensively than Travis but Travis is a better WR than Champ was.  We will see if he can keep up this crazy level of production or not as the year goes on, if so Heisman is absolutely in the mix.  


*Caleb Downs FR S Alabama:  What a super star he could be at Alabama, kid has come right in and greatly improved that defensive with his standout play.  Very impressive looking prospect, very willing to learn and is already a fine tackler.  Could be a super star and one of the best safeties Bama has had in a long time if he is this good already.  


*Shedeur Sanders JR QB Colorado:  Was pin point accurate in that game a really spread around the football to all of his playmakers.  Confident leader that is crazy poised and under control. Shocking he was able to do that well in his first FBS game but really TCU is not nearly as good as they were last year and if a few breaks went there way TCU would have won the game.  Shedeur absolutely helps his dad out, without Shedeur at QB that team would look completely different, kid is a great leader and his pocket awareness and football intelligence is outstanding.  Might be yet another fine QB to add to the deepest QB draft class in history potentially.


*Deontae Lawson RS SOPH ILB Alabama:  I always liked him but the kid should have a real breakout season for Bama this year.  Flying all around the field making plays, love that range and speed at LB.  Very modern day backer and with a great season which he should have he could be the 1st ILB taken in the draft if he keeps playing elite level football.


*Kadyn Proctor FR OT Alabama:  Should be a super star in the future and has already greatly improve that OL.  Still has a lot of work to do but is such a massive kid and a great looking athlete for a dude that size.  Great upside and at a need position Proctor instantly improves an OL that struggled at times last season.


*Michael Penix Jr RS SR QB Washington:  Great game by him, will have tons of expectations now this year but guy was throwing darts out there.   Great deep ball touch and accuracy, super impressive and will be great fun to watch as the season goes on.  


*Kaimon Rucker RS SR DE UNC:  Dude looks like he is very committed and much improved.  Could provide much needed edge rush for UNC this year and he put on a show in that game.  Could be the poor South Carolina OTs but we will see, promising player and he had great game.


*Cedric Gray SR OLB UNC:  Liked him last year and he could really up his draft stock this year.  Run and hit linebacker that is super productive, all over the field making plays and is part of what looks like a much improved unit for UNC.


*Tyler Booker SOPH OG Alabama:  Love the toughness he plays with and he will be fun watch this season with the new commitment from Bama to run the ball aggressively.  Booker is a real mover out there and can punish you as a blocker, will be fun to see.  


*Joshua Gray RS JR OT Oregon State: Kid could sky rocket as a prospect and be one of the better LT prospects in the up coming draft with a good year.  Great feet and big time athlete, moves so well and is one to watch no question about it.  


*Jimmy Horn Jr JR WR Colorado:  Love his short area quickness and ability to make defenders miss.  Should greatly improve his next level visibility coming to Colorado, and with Shedeur throwing him the ball kid should have a real breakout season no question.  


*Dylan Edwards FR RB Colorado: Impressive speed out of the backfield no doubt about it.  Will be one to watch as the year goes on and no one will be forgetting him anymore on the field.  Kid has great open field speed and is one hell of a weapon out of the backfield.  


*Maalik Murphy RS FR QB Texas:  Love his size and arm talent, Arch might have a choice to make if this kid is this good.  Just massive and with tons of upside, easily Texas has the deepest and best QB room in the country no doubt about it.


*T'Vondre Sweat RS SR DT Texas:  Liked him last year and he really took another step so far this season.  Is part of a super deep and talented DL on Texas and Sweat made some big time plays for a big man in this game.  Will be very interesting how he looks against Bama next year, he could be greatly improve his draft stock if he keeps this play level up.


*Damien Martinez SOPH RB Oregon State:  What a stud RB, love his size and the power he runs will. Looks to be very improved as a pass catcher as well.  Will be one to watch, great looking back and is a key part of that football team being successful of late.  


*Quinn Ewers RS SOPH QB Texas:  Looks much improved from last year, has such great arm talent and makes it look so easy out there.  Should be the 3rd QB taken in the draft potentially with a good year.  His ability to throw from multiple  arm angles teams will love that is for sure.  



Others who impressed:

Ethan Burke SOPH DE Texas

Ethan Onianwa RS SOPH OT Rice

Quandarrius Robinson SR LB Alabama

Joe Milton III RS SR QB Tennessee 

Dylan Wright RS SR WR TCU 

Sy'veon Wilkerson JR RB Colorado

Germie Bernard SOPH WR Washington

Xavier Legette RS SR WR South Carolina

Jaylen Key RS SR S Alabama

James Pearce Jr SOPH OLB Tennessee

Savion Washington SR OT Colorado        

Johnny Hodges SR LB  TCU

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With the talk of Travis Hunter and his performance, here is some perspective with two of the best to ever do it in college playing both ways.  


Champ Bailey 1998

INTs: 3
Passes Deflected: 10
Tackles: 52
TFLs: 4
Receiving yards: 744 yards on 47 catches 5 TDs
Punt Returns: 49 yards on 4 returns
Rushing yards: 84 yards on 16 carries
Kick Returns: 261 yards on 12 returns


He played 1,000 plays during his junior season in 1998 including more than 100 plays in 7 different games. 





Charles Woodson 1997

INTs: 7
Passes Deflected: 9
Tackles: 43
TFLs: 5
Receiving yards: 231 yards on 11 catches 2 TDs
Punt Returns: 283 yards on 33 returns 1 TDs
Rushing yards: 15 yards on 3 carries 1 TDs




Lesser extend is Chris Gamble, key to Ohio State winning the National Title but focused more on defense the year after and was mostly a return man not so much a WR. Clearly Champ and Charles are NFL Hall of Famers and arguably the two best corners to ever play in the NFL.





Chris Gamble 2002

INTs: 4
Passes Deflected: 6
Tackles: 24
TFLs: 1
Receiving yards: 499 yards on 31 catches 
Punt Returns: 293 yards on 35 returns
Rushing yards: 49 yards on 3 carries 1 TD
Kick Returns: 253 yards on 11 returns




Then there was Patrick Peterson who was one hell of a return man, had almost 900 yards kick returning in one year at LSU and 418 yards and 2 TDs punt returning that same year.   He did not really play WR that I recall.  Then with Stingley there was talk of him going both ways but then injuries happened and that never really happened.  Charles Gordon on Kansas was a two way player for a period of time, smooth receiver.  Was very productive but was more of a WR playing corner with ball skills.  Super rare to have ball skills like that as a corner like Travis Hunter has, but if he ever wants to be a great corner he needs to get a lot more tough physically and willing to play with force and contact, otherwise he should just switch to offense.  Not sure but he also does not seem to have the return skills these guys did but maybe they have not put him back there yet, we will see and will be fun to watch.  



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Week 1 Prospect Standouts:

*Keon Coleman JR WR Florida State:  Awesome game by him, what a physical force with great ball skills.  It was nuts to think when he was brought to Florida State the absolute towers Travis would have to throw to.  Coleman did not disappoint, keeps this up he could potentially go out for the draft this up coming year.


*Mekhi Wingo JR DT LSU:  Dude controlled the game in the 1st half, less productive in the 2nd but getting that type of consistent penetration was very impressive.  Dude has a motor can get low and really impacted the game.  Could be a big time riser in a draft in major need of DT talent and guys who can get after it, great showing by him.


*Jordan Travis RS SR QB Florida State:  Struggled early on but came back really strong in that second half.  Hard to not like his determination and his toughness as a QB.  He has been through a lot but has wildly improved as a player and should do some big things this year.


*Patrick Payton RS SOPH DE Florida State:  Long impressive athlete, made a few mistakes in the game being overly aggressive but hard not to be impressed with him on the edge.  If he reaches his potential FSU easily has one of the best defensive fronts in college football.


*Riley Leonard JR QB Duke:  If one is looking mostly for physical tools Leonard has them, big time athlete at the position and great leader with awesome toughness.  Still has progression to go as a passer but physically he is very complete and he has great upside. We will see if he can become a more consistent passer this year and take it all to the next level.


*Fentrell Cypress II RS JR CB Florida State:  I like how smooth he is in coverage, nice change of direction skills.  Does need to work a bit on finishing and getting his hands on the football but solid looking player and was a great get by Florida State.


*RJ Oben RS SR DE Duke:  Will have to watch more of him but kid looks like he can play and clearly has a great bloodline as well.  Like his strength at the point of attack and if he is dangerous enough to create a consistent pass rush he could possibly play in the league.  


*Jordan Jefferson RS SR DT LSU:  Love his size on the interior, just a massive dude.  He could be a real up and coming star for LSU and should greatly improve his draft stock by making the transfer over to the Tigers.  


*Tatum Bethune RS SR ILB Florida State:  What a hit man he is, really can drive people backward and lay the wood.  Super impressive game by him, made that one amazing hit on Daniels when he jumped.  What a play and Bethune no question could be potentially a late round draft pick with that type of speed, strength and toughness.


*Myles Jones RS SR CB Duke: If the dude can stay healthy and put together a strong year no question he could be a late round draft pick.  Have always loved his length and willingness to tackle at that length.  Made a few plays in that game, solid tackles and that great blocked kick. Kid is worth a look but only if he can stay healthy which is a big if.   


*Garrett Dellinger JR OG LSU:  I need to watch him more but dude looks like he can play, great quickness for the position and looks like a tough kid as well.  Love how he came off a block and switched to another defender a few times.  Is one to watch and he held his own against a great FSU front four.  





Harold Perkins Jr SOPH LB LSU - Not a fan of where they put him off the ball.  Was not able to make near the impact but we will see how it works, clearly a scheme change there on defense.  Just seems Perkins deep in coverage is not where he should be.  Sure he is pretty small and might end up being an off the ball linebacker at the next level but why take him out of pass rushing outside of the fact they seemed to have switched away from a standard 3/4 Defense.  They need to bring him as a rusher more that is for sure but then again Florida State was far more physical especially at WR and RB than LSU, and had the more experienced OL, they were impressive and that two back set with Bell as the FB/HB totally changed the game and Perkins made little impact.









Absolutely insane group of QBs for the 2024 draft potentially, the depth is easily the best in probably the history of the draft.  And this list does not even include promising Juniors in JJ McCarthy, Shedeur Sanders, Riley Leonard, Tyler Van Dyke, Cameron Ward or Michael Pratt.  And also basically all the top guys had good games, maybe Jayden Daniels did not play great at times but hew as solid still, none of them really disappointed.  Then the 2nd tear guys like Leary played well I thought and Milton is such a physical freak show and Sam Hartman is ripping it up and DJ Uiagalelei played one of his best games ever yesterday.  Crazy talent at the position overall no question about it!


Caleb Williams USC JR
Drake Maye UNC RS SOPH
Quinn Ewers Texas RS SOPH
Michael Penix Jr Washington RS
Joe Milton III Tennessee RS
Jordan Travis Florida State RS
Spencer Rattler South Carolina RS
Jayden Daniels LSU RS
KJ Jefferson Arkansas RS
Bo Nix Oregon RS
Devin Leary Kentucky RS
Sam Hartman Notre Dame RS
DJ Uiagalelei Oregon State
Cameron Rising Utah RS
Will Rogers Miss State
Tyler Shough Texas Tech RS
Taulia Tagovailoa Maryland RS
Grayson McCall Coastal Carolina RS
John Rhys Plumlee UCF RS
Phil Jurkovec Pitt RS
Kedon Slovis BYU RS
Brennan Armstrong NC State RS
Dillon Gabriel Oklahoma RS

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On 8/30/2023 at 7:46 PM, Ozzy said:

Usually I try to give players the benefit of the doubt, look on their upside but honestly Arik Gilbert is off my board no question about it.  What an idiot, all caught on video and honestly a Vape shop?  Then 8 police officers standing outside the Vape Shop waiting to arrest him.  He has no future in football.


There are certain things that can be forgivable. Being a garbage human being & robbing others is not one of those things. He's scum. 

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7 hours ago, Tetsujin said:

TCU TE Jared Wiley looks decent. Listed at 6’7” 260

Yeah I love him as a TE, he is not 6-7 though but is listed as such, is probably 6-5.  He had a good game against Colorado and should have a good season, was solid last year and should be even better this season.  Much improved as a pass catcher and is a forceful blocker at that massive size.  


6 hours ago, BetterCallSaul said:

There are certain things that can be forgivable. Being a garbage human being & robbing others is not one of those things. He's scum. 

True but there is also the fact he was decent as a true freshman on LSU, and what three years later he has not done anything since.  Was even apart of Georgia and saw how Brock Bowers prepared and that did nothing for him and decided to do this....  Will he get jail time for this I wonder?  Still with the NIL crap...saw this one article estimated his value for NIL money at Georgia was possibly $350,000 and the dude is stealing vape ****?  And I am sure some Nebraska booster would have gladly paid him half million if he produced even a little as a TE...

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Week 2 Prospect Standouts:

*Anthony Hill Jr. FR LB Texas:  All over the field making plays showing great quickness and makeup speed athletically.  Was key to their pass rush and ability to follow Milroe around the football field and keep him contained.  Great showing by the young player and was helped by that fine Texas DL keeping him free to move and run.

*Tyler Van Dyke RS JR QB Miami FL:  Awesome game by him and throws with such touch and accuracy.  Add another QB to the list of potential guys in 2024, had a rough season last year but the OL is much improved and that will help him greatly.  Big win and we will see if he can keep that up as the season goes on.

*Jer'Zhan Newton RS JR DT Illinois:  Dude looked like a 1st round pick in that game, very productive as a pass rusher and showed a great motor chasing down plays.  Seems to have improved his conditioning, uses his hands well and is compact and strong.  Could be a 3/4 DE or a 4/3 DT, but does need to improve his run play and does get out of position at times trying to get penetration.  Illinois defense got rocked by Kansas though, over 500 yards gave up and 260+ rush yards at 6 yards per carry.  Disappointing with the front they have coming back but clearly they massively miss Witherspoon at CB the other super stars in Sydney Brown and Martin and all could be starting in the NFL by the end  of it.  Newton could be a player though and might at this very moment be the #1 DT in the class but depends on how other guys look as the weeks go on.


*Kamren Kinchens JR S Miami FL:  Hopefully his injury is not as serious as it looked but it did look bad.  Kid is an awesome person on and off the field, great leader and have to love his range and ball hawking ability as a safety.  Hopefully he can come back from this but you never know, super promising player though.


*JJ McCarthy JR QB Michigan:  Looks more comfortable and confident as a player, a little more vocal and loose than before.  Still has some odd parts about his footwork and release but kid is tall, athletic and has a fine arm.  Should have a great season but it will come down to how he does in the big games.  


*Lance Robinson RS SR CB Tulane:  I like how he moves on the football field, nice long arm corner with good toughness and ball awareness, confident player and should no question have a shot in the league.  Very promising and experienced Tulane defense and he is one of the keys to it.  

*Myles Hinton RS JR OT Michigan:  I believe he has one more year he could stick around Michigan and hopefully he does, could become a really great player.  Already surprised he took Henderson's potential starting spot and kid has worlds of potential and on that OL he could become really good.

*Jared Ivey SR DT/DE Ole Miss:  Made some impressive plays in that game and showed good athletic ability and strength for his position.  Could be a 3/4 DE or or a 4/3 DE and with some weight gain a DT.  Interesting talent worth watching.


*Adonai Mitchell JR WR Texas:  Breakout game for him, we will see if he can keep this up as the season goes on.  Super deep threat and really his play broke that game open and kid was a big time weapon opposite Worthy and Sanders in the middle.  Solid receiver with deep speed no question about it.


*Luke Altmyer RS SOPH QB Illinois:  Promising talent, good athlete, love how he can throw on the move and love his overall athletic ability in the pocket.  Still has a ways to develop but was a great get by Illinois and should have a fine season.  Has a real weapon in Isaiah Williams at WR and should do great things with him getting the football in his hands.  


*Austin Booker RS SOPH DE Kansas:  Looked like a man on a mission out there, super impactful as a pass rusher and laid out some big time hits in that game.  Is a thin edge rusher but if he can consistently play with that type of effort he will be one to watch.  Interesting talent with that athletic ability and motor he showed in that game.  


*Jaylin Lucas SOPH RB/WR Indiana:  Love his return potential obviously and they will use him more and more offensively considering how dangerous he is in the open field.  Very small guy but has big time play making potential and is poised to have a breakout year.  

*Griffin Moore RS JR TE Illinois:  I like the hands he showed at TE, still long ways to go but flashed some promise in his ability to make difficult contested catches, we will see if he can keep that up.  

*Terrion Arnold RS SOPH CB Alabama:  Was really bad last year but has some flashes in this game of improvement, then did have some massive penalties as well.  Is so grabby in coverage but also did not give up the big play either but had bad penalties that cost them as well.  I like some things he did as a tackler but he was tested in this game as was that entire secondary and he did ok with it at times.




Others who impressed:

Roman Wilson SR WR Michigan

Anez Cooper SOPH OG Miami FL

Jacolby George JR WR Miami FL

Noah Thomas SOPH WR Texas A&M

Karsen Barnhart RS SR OT Michigan

Makhi Hughes RS FR RB Tulane

DJ Brown SR S Notre Dame

CJ Baxter FR RB Texas

Barryn Sorrell JR DE Texas




Seth McLaughlin Alabama SR C - Really bad game by him, multiple times snapping the ball and fake snapping then giving the snap later?  Very good play by him and he did not control the middle well either during the game.  Made some major errors that is for sure.

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