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2023 WC Semifinals: (1) Denver Nuggets vs (4) Phoenix Suns


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"I have to credit Monty"

Bruh we've had TJ since the deadline and he has played in like 3 gms. He made no effort to get him comfortable in the offense. A dude who has averaged 20 PPG in a szn multiple times in his career and we just bench him cause our depth is just unbelievable

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3 minutes ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

Is KD going to be this inefficient again? Probably not. Is Booker going to be this efficient again? No. Are they going to score 90 combined points again? No. That's not a sustainable way to win. 

This game shows how easily KD can get 50 if he’s firing on all cylinders.  Dude had a 39/9/8 with no turnovers and played badly.  

Also, who wants Deandre Ayton at this point?

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1 minute ago, 11sanchez11 said:

booker has gotten 1 shooting foul called for him in the last two gms... while putting up 82 points

he would've had the most points ever scored in a playoff game w/o a ft if they didn't intentionally foul at the end of the game

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11 hours ago, agarcia34 said:

Murray gotta remember he’s robin in this duo. Saw a lot of ball stopping when the ball got to him. 

Definitely. He needs to start trusting MPJ in the clutch. He was smoking hot in the 4th, then just didn't get the ball for like 4 mins.

Murray's total lack of fitness is a big concern right now. He just had 4 days off and hasn't played near the minutes of Book, yet Murray was out on his feet for all of the 4th.

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