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Seattle Mariners Thread


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1 hour ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Really hope we try to add something here by the deadline. Really just cannot afford to roll with this offense. Haniger needs to be gone and upgraded at the very minimum. Garver being a completely useless pile is really unfortunate. Hopefully he can turn it around...

Saw the article this morning from Passan. Seems to think we will do something.

"The Mariners are in go mode, not wanting to waste another season of their exceptional starting pitching. They've got the goods to do it, too. No organization outside of Baltimore and perhaps Tampa Bay possesses the array of position-player prospects that Seattle does, and the Mariners will be on the hunt for impact bats to supplement a group of major league hitters that has been so bad the team fired its offensive coordinator less than 60 games into the season. Robert, Alonso, and especially Guerrero and Bichette, if available, all will be in play for the Mariners, and the question isn't whether they're going to add offense. It's whom they're going to add."

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1 minute ago, Mesa_Titan said:

We have drafted very well. And that's not even including Celsten. Some of these guys are gonna get traded, I just have a bad feeling about moving Montes.

Yeah, hoping we hang onto Emerson and Montes. Could live with moving Young or Ford.

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5 minutes ago, Eagles27 said:

Yeah, hoping we hang onto Emerson and Montes. Could live with moving Young or Ford.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Honestly the trade market kinda sucks anyways if we're being honest. I don't even know if many of these guys can command a prospect like Ford or Young. Only one IMO is Luis Robert. I wouldn't pay those guys for Vlad or Alonso.

Replacing one of the dud Mitch's (Haniger) with Robert would be very nice.

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