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Seattle Mariners Thread


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8 hours ago, Mesa_Titan said:


I'd take that deal in a heartbeat.

Have to admit it's a weird fit at this point with Locklear, France, and Garver on the team though.

Yeah, don't see it with the Mets playing well either. 

But that price would be fine. 

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I'm really torn on what I want the FO to do coming into the deadline. I'm not opposed to moving top prospects, but I don't love a lot of the guys available.

-The K's, injury history, and loss of CF value really makes the price for Robert Jr. seem unreasonable for the M's. (Likely 3 of our top 10) 
-Not enthused about the Blue Jays players. 
-Not a fan of Chisholm. 

Despite his crappy year, I may still prefer Randy Arozerana. With him having a down year, maybe we can leverage some of the lost value and bring in a reliever like Fairbanks in the same deal. They also loved Tai Peete apparently prior to the draft last year, so maybe we can send a package with co-headliners instead of one of our top guys. (Peete + Evans/Arroyo/Locklear)


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Hope we stand pat and don't move guys at this point unless it's too good to be true. Don't see that coming from anywhere though. Also hope we still somehow hold on to win the division, even if we cant do anything in the playoffs. It means a lot to a young team.

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