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Seattle Mariners Thread


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21 minutes ago, Eagles27 said:

Yeah, that trade is looking better and better. Even if Trammell isn't more than a 4th OF, France alone was worth Nola. 

Agreed, once we get Kelenic up here to pair with him, Lewis, and HaniGod the offense is going to be looking nice.

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Just now, Mesa_Titan said:

I hate to be posting this, but at what point are we seriously worried about Evan White? The dude looks like trash at the plate. 

Its definitely concerning, but he's going to get at least this year + next year to learn how to hit MLB pitching. 

Going into the game, he had made strides at least statically in lowering his horrendous K% from last year, but he also hasn't hit the ball hard as frequently. 

If he can get himself to a league average hitter I'll be happy at this point. 

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Yeah, Williamson was supposed to be a big sleeper when he was drafted. Has the tools to be a quality MoR starter, but health was the major concern. 

A lot of good pitching performances to start the year for our better prospects. Gilbert, Hancock, Williamson, Macko, and Carlson all pitched well. Kirby got hit a little, but stuff was good. (94-97)

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