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Seattle Mariners Thread


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3 minutes ago, SaveOurSonics said:

Amazing job by the M’s here. Don’t lose any of our top prospects to get an elite left handed bat. Suarez gives us some insurance at 3B if we can’t land Bryant or Story, and he’s a solid DH / rotational piece at the very least. 

Winker is a sick get, still have to get Bryant, IMO. If Suarez returned to form that would be insane, though.

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21 minutes ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Winker is a sick get, still have to get Bryant, IMO. If Suarez returned to form that would be insane, though.

Agreed. Suarez is hopefully strictly being viewed as insurance as of right now. Bryant can of course also play OF which in theory gives us the flexibility to put Suarez at 3B and Haniger at DH on any given night. Unfortunate that Story sounds pretty stubborn about sticking at SS. 

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That is a major win. Amazing trade.

Winker fits perfectly in this lineup too. Would be nice if he could play CF, but Kelenic should be fine. Suarez is a fine addition too. Solid overall option, but doesn't prevent us from moving on if another 3B/Noelvi Marte needs that spot. 

Plus this keeps the payroll flexible going forward too. 

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57 minutes ago, Herbie_Hancock said:

Yeah people kinda forget how good he really is… don’t let the babip fool you. 

I mean, he’s been pretty bad for a solid 1.5 seasons now. Granted, he came on hot to end last year (hit .370 over Aug/Sept), but your BABIP is gonna be low when you’re an extreme pull-side FB hitter with low LD%s as he has been. 

Learning SS probably did him no favors, so hopefully a renewed focus at 3B and even DH helps him figure it out. The raw power is there to contribute in this park. 

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33 minutes ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Idk how this OF situation is going to work, but trading Kyle Lewis seems like it has to get done now...

I imagine the team wants to take advantage of the roster flexibility they have. Considering Winker’s defensive prowess (or lack thereof) and struggles against lefties, I can see a situation where he and Lewis platoon a bit at DH until Lewis is ready to resume outfield work. 

I’d hate to give up on him and sell when his value is at its lowest. He’s a season removed from ROY and looking like a legit 5-tool talent. Have to at least give him an opportunity to restore his value. 

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Thinking about our lineup, I wonder who's going to go where. This is looking like a really really deep lineup.

JP Crawford - SS

Adam Frazier - 2B

Mitch Haniger - RF

Jesse Winker - LF

Ty France - 1B

Eugenio Suarez - DH

Jarred Kelenic - CF

Cal Raleigh - C

Abraham Toro - 3B

Something like that? We do have a lot of flexibility at the DH and infield positions for sure, so we're definitely going to see a lot of mixing it up.



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For the majority of games against RHP, I would expect something like:

1. 2B Adam Frazier
2. 1B Ty France
3. LF Jesse Winker
4. RF Mitch Haniger
5. 3B Eugenio Suarez
6. CF Jarred Kelenic
7.  DH Abraham Toro
8.  C Cal Raleigh
9. SS JP Crawford

Once Julio is up, Toro goes to the bench and Haniger/Winker share LF & DH. 

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11 hours ago, Eagles27 said:

Passing on Bryant was probably the right move considering the deal he got...

Save the money for another FA next year. 

Yeah agreed. Team looks pretty damn good right now. I wish we would have picked up another SP, but we’ll see what this crop can do. Marco really needs to bounce back and we need Flexen to repeat last year.  

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