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2023 NFL Draft Day 3 (**NO SPOILERS**)


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Just went through who's left and my targets would be in no order,

Tyler Scott WR
Kayshon Boutte WR
Will Mallory TE
Jaelyn Duncan  OT
Warren McClendon OL
Andrew Vorhees OL
Olusegun Oluwatimi C
Isaiah McGuire DE
KJ Henry DE
Cam Jones LB
Dee Winters LB
Cameron Mitchell CB
Kyu Blu Kelly CB
Christopher Smith S
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10 minutes ago, Ty21 said:

Don’t take Boutte. Don’t take Wicks. Don’t take Vaughn. That’s all I ask. 

This late in the draft I think it is ok to take a chance on Boutte, if(big if) he gets his head straight he could be really good.

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Would like to see DTR today as I think he would be a real good developmental backup for Justin.  A high traits edge, and a weapon or 2 for JF1.  I think one thing we can say foe certain, if you aren't big, long, fast, and dependable, you probably aren't getting drafted by Ryan Poles.

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Have to think Tannehill is starting to think Titans aren’t thinking of him long term after drafting his replacement in Malik Willis and failing and then drafting his replacement in Levis. Titans are just gonna keep swinging and missing and Tannehill will be the guy until he’s 50

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