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Draft Day 3 - For the sicko’s


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Just now, Cbrunn said:

Do you draft and stash vorhees? 

I wouldn't yet just cause there are so many quality players that could help this year 

but he was a top OG

If we traded down more and had more picks , I would. 

a bit late to remove 'If' though

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5 minutes ago, Displayname said:

For LB, who do you want? Pappoe, Sewell, or herbig

Herbig is more of a need and the player I prefer especially if he can learn from TJ and eventually get better , stronger.

Hodges Tomlinson perhaps 

Rush - but I don't think he would play slot

C Oli would be good but we have other needs right now

Pappoe lacks instincts

Sewell is too slow 


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1 minute ago, Squanchy said:

I heard someone say Herbig has inside outside versatility too.   So that can be a huge benefit.  

inside, and in ILB?  thats still'potential' , a risk.  Edge we know and need help there for sure.  Maybe if we have too many injuries at ILB then Herbig gets a chance.   

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