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Pick 155: CB Darrell Luter Jr, South Alabama


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1 hour ago, Forge said:

The one thing I will say is that I think he's strictly an outside corner. Don't think he can play the slot. 

But I love his makeup and the athleticism and physical traits check all the boxes

Yeah, looks like a pure outside zone corner. We are fine in the slot with Oliver and Womack. Need more depth and competition on the outside. 

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7 hours ago, John232 said:

Ambry going to have to fight hard to make the roster. I feel like our team specializes in flash in the pan corners. Even the barnacle had strong flashes his first contract 

I agree and this reminds me of a post I made in November about our flash in the pan corner streak and ambry thomas 

On 11/22/2022 at 11:47 PM, N4L said:

The run we have had at corner in the second half of seasons over the past few years is crazy 

udfa 2nd year Emmanuel Moseley came out of nowhere in 2019 and was lights out during crunch time 

In 2021 Ambry Thomas elevated his game in the second half and was legitimately a big reason why the defense rounded into form. He had a tough offseason that year after sitting out of college ball in 2020 if I am not mistaken. We was given a shot and got better and more confident each week.

I am not sure what changed this year. It seems like the coaching staff doesn't trust him, but I really hope this guy can get sharp because he has nice length and other physical tools. 

Deommodore Lenior was a fan favorite from the jump as a rookie last year but started having some mental mistakes and got benched. He was not running coverages correctly or playing with proper leverage at times 

He started his career like a bat out of hell. Started off hot and earned an early shot at playing time out of camp. He was really making WRs work, I loved the hustle and the mindset, you could tell he was feisty and that he had the potential to earn a second contract. 

It's absolutely incredible that he was benched, switched to the inside part time, and then has played so well on the boundary. 

You really have to give credit to this coaching staff. I really hope DeMeco doesn't leave. 

I had such high hopes for ambry after his rookie year. He really played great.

Sounds like he regressed last season because they buried him on the bench. I have to wonder if aiyuk and deebo just shattered his confidence in practice lol 

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