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where does this draft rank


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since you have been a fan, where would you rank this draft?

I know they haven't played a snap but based on expectation ceiling/floor and hype of course needs ,  where do you rank this draft?

we can't expect this type of draft every year but even if it's comparable for needs/quality,  the team should be in good shape after a few more thanks to Weidl and Khan

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I absolutely Love Jones #1.

After that, I'm meh, I know it is not popular, but I think trading down at 32 was the correct call. I hope Peezy Jr. proves me wrong. I think Cam Smith will be a better pro, but we'll see.

I also think the Steelers could have had other players in addition, but it is always an opportunity cost with these things. 

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3 hours ago, VigilantZombie said:

On paper, Top 5, slighly below 71 & 74 imo

on paper is a way to put it, good point.  Even is a few others are there above it, we are at top5 since 40+ years ago. Thats a good draft (on paper  by current hype of course) and is a good start.  I'm liking the direction of this team and hope next years draft is similar and UFA i as well.  The best selling jersey shoul dbe #1 with Weidl/Kahn on the back. I wouldn't say Khan Artis since he is just doing his job (properly) . If he keeps fleecing teams and making trades on draft day to steal a prime prospect fromt he soon to be team that drafts him, that's getting up there. 

That was quite a move to pick before the Jets and look who we had to trade with  :o. Tip our hats off to that, colbert would have waited and that would have been it, but the Jets did that with Revis so it's nothing new either.

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the 87 draft ended up being really good, but keep in mind  Everrett and Nickerson left and Lloyd didn't play right away (knee) . Still 4 pro bowlers  , including 1 HOF player,  totalling 22 pro bowls IIRC  when the pro bowl actually meant something. If the 22 draft is this good we are on our way to 'winning' more . 2017 was good but of course many players left via UFA but thats the modern NFL.


1987 Pittsburgh Steelers draft
Round Pick Player Position College Notes
1 10 Rod Woodson *   Cornerback Purdue  
2 38 Delton Hall  Cornerback Clemson  
3 66 Charles Lockett  Wide receiver Long Beach State  
4 94 Thomas Everett *  Safety Baylor  
5 122 Hardy Nickerson *  Linebacker California  
6 141 Tim Johnson  Defensive Tackle Penn State  
6 150 Greg Lloyd *  Linebacker Fort Valley State  
      Made roster    *   Made at least one Pro Bowl during career



2017 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft
Round Selection Player Position College
1 30 T.J. Watt OLB Wisconsin
2 62 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR USC
3 94 Cameron Sutton CB Tennessee
3* 105* James Conner RB Pittsburgh
4 135 Josh Dobbs QB Tennessee
5 173 Brian Allen FS Utah
6 213 Colin Holba LS Louisville
7 248 Keion Adams OLB Western Michigan


other seasons such as 2009, 2015, , 2018, not a single probowl player - just to get an idea




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