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Post Draft - What would you have done

Sllim Pickens

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13 hours ago, Nnivolcm said:

So paying someone zero dollars to be a camp leg means something to you when Badgley's contract means nothing?

UDFA and camp invite are essentially same. And this arguing semantics is why I and many others stopping posting here.

not worth arguing minor things 

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DVOA PFFA Franchise             Needs                | Wants     EG  NFL  PFF
 9th  10. Detroit Lions         LDE TE DT            | MLB WR3?  C    B    B+

Pick Team PFF  Buzz 40Yd  2023 Draft Player    College    Pstn  Sch  Tall Lbs

12th Detr  14  87.2 4.32  Christian Gonzalez   Oregon      CB3  -11  6'2" 201
          8th  90.2 4.77  Bryan Bresee         Clemson     DT2   -8  6'5" 300
18th Detr 6th  91.1 4.57  Myles Murphy         Clemson   DEdg3   -8  6'5" 275
34th Detr  49  85.4 4.70  Jack Campbell        Iowa        LB6   -5  6'5" 243
45th Detr  89  88.1 4.77  Hendon Hooker        Tenn        QB5  Evn  6'4" 218
68th Detr 132* 82.0 4.77 :Tucker Kraft         SDakotaS    TE7  ---  6'5" 255
122. Detr 114  84.9 4.70  K.J. Henry           Clemson  DEdg18   -8  6'4" 260
139. Detr  86  86.0 4.99  Jaquelin Roy         LSU         DT7   +4  6'3" 315
152. Detr  30  88.4 4.48  Antonio Johnson      TexasA&M     S8  +11  6'3" 200
168. Detr  63  84.6 5.12  Andrew Vorhees       USC        OG15  -17  6'6" 310
219. Detr  97  87.3 4.48  Jaylon Jones         TexasA&M   CB19  +11  6'2" 205

     I should trade down and take Bresee but I can't resist Christian Gonzales, even after the free agent acquisitions at CB1.

     Campbell was Tankathon mocked at #55 so I'll take Murphy first.  Not being able to believe Hooker is there at #45 and Vorhees at #168, I'd grab them.

     Tucker Kraft isn't great in run support but he's a reliable receiver.  Henry, Roy, and Antonio Johnson will round out the roster.  Jaylon Jones was originally rated among the Top 7 rookie CBs so he'll be useful.

     Holmes may or may not need to revisit the DT, TE, and/or RB situations in camp, free agency, or the 2024 draft.  I'm good with that.



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