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Another Fallen Viking: RIP Joe Kapp


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I looked and couldn't find anything about Joe Kapp passing away so I thought I would make a post. 

I actually got to meet Mr. Kapp when I was in highschool. I was already a Vikings fan because of my stepmom and Joe Kapp was her hero growing up. He came to my school and spoke about how getting your education would help us in the future. He spoke about the main reason why he wanted to go to college was so he and his family wouldn't have to work in the fields picking fruit. Being Latino that resonated with me. My entire family worked in the fields or a cannery. I didn't go to college but I did join the Navy just so I wouldn't end up in the same place as my family. 

He was just a really cool person to talk to. Even though we were just kids he spoke to us like we were people. 

When I got home my stepmom was mad because I didn't tell her that I was going to be late this was before cell phones. She started to yell at me and then I cut her off by handing her an autographed photo of him, she actually started to cry. 

RIP Joe Kapp!!



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Joe, and the way he approached playing QB, is why I am.a Vikings fan.  His picture is my avatar.

When he was on the field he was 110% dedicated to his teammates and would do anything to lead the Vikings to victory. 

His game wasn't pretty and neither were his passes.  However, I believe he is the toughest son of a gun to EVER play QB in the NFL. 

The league is no longer meant for guys like Joe Kapp.  He'd be cut after the first week of training camp.  But, in my opinion, the NFL needs men like Joe....desperately!  RIP number 11.

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4 minutes ago, Captain Relax said:

Great article.  Thanks for posting.  Joe Kapp and Bid Grant within months of one another.  A generation of great Vikings is disappearing.  

At least for right now, from that team (which was, fortunately or not, before I was born), we still have Jim Marshall (85), Gary Larsen, Carl Eller and Paul Krause (81), Dave Osborn (80), Bobby Bryant (79), Gene Washington (78), and Alan Page (77).  Not to mention Fran who was on the Giants at the time, who's 83. 

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