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Ridder and flashes I saw

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Not wanting to post this in NFL General because I don't like when there's massive threads in there about the Falcons. However, this is why I like Ridder. (also posted this thread on twitter)

One reason why I like Ridder is that he is a good game manager even at this point Another reason why I like Ridder is he has some flashes every game that show his potential as a passer. Breaking down the wow moments in this:

0:08 - Ridder messes up the fake, but delivers a ball to London that only London can possibly catch outside shoulder and near the sideline for a first down.


0:15 - Ridder sees the free blitzer, stands in for the pressure and delivers a dime to the inside shoulder for London. Converts another first down.


0:40 - 3rd and 9. Ridder sees the Ravens drop into a press-man coverage. Finds London at the sideline. Throw is only where London can get it. It's high, but it's supposed to be. Converts a 1st down.


0:59 - Ridder throws a pass into what looks like triple coverage, but it's a perfect throw that only Drake London can catch. He does somewhat lock into London here, but the throw is a dime.


1:37 - This looks like a simple comeback route to the outside. But the spot he throws it in is where only Patterson can catch it. Not an easy throw and one Mariota was missing often during last season. Converts a tough 3rd-and-5.


1:59 - On a 3rd and 7, Ridder finds Mycole Pruitt in a tight-window throw to convert the 1st down on a game winning drive. This is a throw Matt Ryan would make, but that a guy like Mariota couldn't.


2:06 - 3rd and 5, vs. Bucs 1st string D, gets pressured, evades it and flows with London to an open spot to make a throw for the conversion. Just a good play all-around. Flashing the ability to create a throwing lane when one isn't there.


2:28 - Ridder hits Pruitt on a deep seam route right on the money. With guys like Pitts and London on the roster to upgrade the target for that throw, it's nice to see how accurate Ridder can be on those deep seams. Should help out Pitts.


3:06 - Ridder shows off deep accuracy with a throw to London. He lays it up there with less arc on the deep ball than Ryan used to put. London goes up and grabs it for a big gain on a 3rd and 6.


While most of this is to London, that speaks to a lot of the chemistry that Ridder and London have together. I'm not saying Ridder will be great or even good. I do think he has potential to be really good if given the shot though. A lot of what Ridder showed in this should be applicable with better weapons in 2023. The seam routes to Pitts. The tight window throws. Pruitt looked really good here with Ridder and hasn't been picked up as a FA yet.

Also, of note, neither of his touchdown passes were included here for a reason. One was a rollout lob to Pruitt. The other was a wide open OZ due to route concept. Game manager throws, not true flashes. However, that's an important part too. Just to sum up this thread. If Ridder can continue to be the solid game manager that he's shown to be, and he can start making more flash plays, the Falcons could be really good in 2023.

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My hope for this year is an Alex Smith type floor. Given the firepower around him I don't think it's unreasonable at all. Doesn't need to try and do too much. I saw Campbell say he saw some similarities between the 2017 Jags and this team. Obviously, they had a better pass rush but a big edge to our skills and I think Ridder can take care of the ball better than Bortles (21:13). The potential is there to surprise as a team and a lot of that will hinge on him.

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