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19 minutes ago, ARTMONK HOF said:

He’s 23, with around 300 pass attempts in 19 games in college. He was over drafted but yeah I guess it’s worth a shot for a 4th rd pick. 

He rsshed for 6.9 per carry. Seems he'd be scary in the RPO for a few plays a game .. 

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4 hours ago, ARTMONK HOF said:

He’s more of a fit for EB’s offense than Brissett or Fromm. He’s a WIP. 

Yeah, if Lance can actually throw consistently as an NFL passer. I wish we had traded for him, but it tells you something if the 49ers weren't willing to keep him as their #3 given Purdy’s elbow injury and Sam Darnold who's made of glass as their #2.

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5 hours ago, ARTMONK HOF said:

Watching the Giants/Seahawks game and if we don’t beat the Giants we better give up. 

Agreed but they were missing Saquan, their starting OTs, their rookie center Schmitz from Minnesota got hurt in the first half and I think their back up RG was playing too. They’ve been hit bad by the injury bug along their OL & once again with Saquan.

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